Glendairy Prison

ONLY in Barbados would they call GLENDAIRY a GEM

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Barbadians first called the center of slavery and what was later termed a “Lab”, an “Experiment”, a “Slave Society”, a gem.  Now, they have called the queen’s prison, built on the backs of slaves, where they used to hang poor, black people, a ‘gem’!  Gems abound in Barbados, as in the crown of their queen.

It’s a GEM there are so many pedophiles, a GEM incest is rampant, a GEM Michael Carrington was not arrested for stealing client funds, a GEM the high percentage of bi and homosexuals, a GEM they’ve replaced Glendairy with DODDS, a GEM wukkup and bashment are part of the culture.  Mother Sally is a Gem!  The Jolly Rogers is a Gem!  The importation of sugar and now dirty water are all gems.  Gems, gems, gems…… Gems abound in Barbados.  Even Freundel Stuart is a gem!


THE STORY:  Glendairy ‘next gem’ (every heard such fu**ery?!!).   THE OLD JAILHOUSE could possibly rock.  In fact, Sir Henry Fraser believes Glendairy Prisons, built in 1855 (by SLAVES, to incarcerate descendants of slaves), could be the next Harrison’s Cave in terms of popularity as an attraction.  And Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite has admitted he has received correspondence, not only from the Barbados National Trust (all homosexual high off of septic fumes), but from others who see Glendairy’s potential to host Crop Over events.  Sir Henry was the master of ceremonies at Saturday night’s official decommissioning of Glendairy Prisons.  When that prison burned, it should have been demolished and they should have erected a museum honoring slaves who fought for freedom….oh wait, that never happened in Barbados.

Were I not alive, I would never have believed this bullshit!!  Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “ONLY in Barbados would they call GLENDAIRY a GEM”

  1. If ever there was a population of individuals, who fit the words “Simple minded darkies.” that would be bajans. To go and party at Glendiary, adds to the argument that these “Simple minded darkies,” can never be anything other than sub-human. What is sad is, that all over the world getting earthquakes, and Bullbados is being fu….g spared. The mentality of these degenerates that live on that rock, never ceases to amaze me. That these morally bankrupt bajan zombies would go to a place where countless black bajans were hanged, and where slave labour built that dungeon, only farther prosecutes the claim, that Bullbadians are a fu…g breed apart.


  2. Marketed the right way and with the items restored properly that prison can make a killing. The writer of this article knows nothing about the historic value of old buildings especially one with a history such as Barbados. The Winston Hall story alone is a drawcard


    1. Everything must be torn down! Ancestors’ memories honored and their torment revenged. And a rebuilding by right-minded, free people should take the place of any reminders of slavery. War-torn countries do it all the time. No one leaves rotten corpses/buildings….all get and should be buried!! Start anew. Sheri Veronica


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