Omri Collymore

Collymore and the Court Marshall

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — OMRI COLLYMORE — Naked, this guy here pays a certain amount of money to Court Marshall Mayers to get he minibus reports squash.  Them too dirty, but then does play the a** when it comes to he invalid child that he don’t check fa.  Yet he working pon a garbage truck driving and driving the minibus.

Omri Collymore

I is tek nuff but he goin too far now.  He did f****ping he child mother till she get put out a man house somewhere in St Lucy and still had he other woman home.

But news for all; he was f***ping me too but I never tell he I use to sell my pu****y and tell he that I got sain.  Check yah lil d**ky Mr cause if it itching I sorry for you and the 6 from Wansted route and 4 on the Grazettes route and the rest from Speightstown vans.


But condoms is sell but I pick you Omri cause you money did good.  Anyhow, check ya children now, and girlfriend, he was never yours.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Collymore and the Court Marshall”

  1. @TowerOnTheBlock
    You need to watch Maury on TV. When things are going good, the man is sweet as sugar. But the day the woman is fed up with the man, he has the penis of a cockroach,

    Size only matters when the relationship is sour.


  2. What happened to the good old days when men used to fire a jk? Men does still jk off? Well I think in our 50th year as a nation men need to get back behind d paling or the tamarind tree and fire a j**k too many nastiness going on from both sexes it’s scary come on brothers let’s unite on this one


  3. Almost all the women who come here to complain about men say that the man’s iron is small , yet when men on the block they act like they are the boss and the women can’t cope . I feel that lots of women out there are keeping secrets for men & are hanging around just for the money or the sake of the children.


  4. THE PROBLEM ! With Men , they Love to much talking , When the Relationship Blow’s ! the Woman / Women Only aimed is destruction Of the Male ! at any Cost ! all the good in the Past have now turned to LIME !
    and the Male Would be Shredded to Piece’s Like a Ragg Dog , The Only thing that Satisfied her is Death , Prison or the Male Living in the Cutter ! Its Called VENOMOUS POISONED ! HE Must Die ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! 2016 / / / /🔨🔨🔨


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