Flow Liars and Cheaters; Unlimited Access Joke!!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, FLOW claims to have best internet coverage since their merger.  They are also making claims that they are providing the best service to customers.  But all that is filled with lies!!

Naked, everyday Bajans are paying for what they think to be better services and quality internet only to be cheated by half measures by FLOW.  Throttling users’ internet speed for apps used all over the world.  But if we throttle our bill payments, they are quick to shut off our service.

Paying for a service means you have access to all that implies with that service unless otherwise not possible.  And if FLOW doesn’t allow these services, such as Mobdro or IPTV, they should let customers know so they can choose another provider.


Before the merger, these services worked fine on FLOW’s network.  But when LIME took over, it seems they did what they wanted to do — keep taking our money and give us crappy service!

Stop lying to the public!  Say what you are about FLOW so we can go somewhere else.  Anonymous

Naked Departure


4 thoughts on “Flow Liars and Cheaters; Unlimited Access Joke!!”

  1. I hate flow with a passion would like to burn every store to the ground except the one at Sheraton find some of the girls there helpful and manerly remember that is my experience and I said some. If the different agencies who are supposed to be watchdogs for places like flow digicel weren’t so hand to mouth we’d get exceptional service but instead of being watchdogs they’re just dogs who would sell their own people for a few pennies. The stench of corruption is just permeating this place called Barbados and it’s quite nauseating sometimes I feel like I need nebulising and I’m not even asthmatic


  2. OPEN COURT ! TODAY ! Bring All The Charge’s Here Today Brother’s and Sister’s ! FLOW Them .! ! ! ! ! ! !


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