Glendairy burning

Glendairy a Gem? WTF? I was a young officer….

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GLENDAIRY NOT FIT FOR DOGS!! — Naked, I listened to your show today.  Again, even without experiencing things bout this place, you seem to have more of a feel for things here in Barbados than the people living here.  Naked, GLENDAIRY WAS RAPE CENTRAL!!

Naked, Glendairy was eighth, or ninth, maybe even tenth world if there’s such a thing!!  Built with chicken wire in some places, and the prisoners whistling at male officers when we walked by.  They would say “I wish you was in hay” and that sorta thing.  Naked, Glendairy was substandard and not fit for DOGS!  The prisoners there, you talk about sub human?, well they were lower than sub humans.

The HORRORS of that place!!  It was scary to even go there.

On your show today you mentioned it was burned down because an inmate refused to be raped.  You are correct!  He fought like a demon!  Some of them very same demons still alive/dead/zombies and walking bout this place.

Naked, I hit 65 years and I still don’t understand my fellow Barbadians.  When I saw that article in one of our newspapers, I felt sick, sick, sick!  Sick like a dirty used up dog Naked.  Bajans would sell anything for money!  I was going to write in sooner but you beat me to the punch!  These people here in Barbados are dead, dead, dead Naked.  I live among DEAD PEOPLE Naked.

And then there’s a video of Bajans touring the place.  Naked, I almost puke, sickness came again.  These are people that didn’t even go there to visit their relatives, but going there to get a photo moment and the people in tourism calling it a gem?  Naked, when I saw that I took up my birth certificate in a hurry and I burned it.


I was looking for my passport but couldn’t put my hands on it, but believe you me this, when I find that passport, I will burn that also.

Bajans are DOGS!!!  Barbados gone to the DOGS!  You saying you can’t believe?, well Naked, I read that with my two own rh eyes and I still don’t believe.  Glendairy a gem?  Glendairy a r**h*le gem?   Wha part?

Glendairy a gem?  A gem?  I can’t believe it, can’t believe it.  In what world can a place not fit for DOGS and that should be ripped down now become a gem?  If they can do this right in front we eyes, can you imagine the lies they tell us in schools?

Where my passport.  Look, Naked, I gone.  I swear to god I gine burn that passport and stomp on the ashes.  When I dead, my family already know I want to be cremated and no listing in no newspapers…, nothing!

I don’t want nobody who ain’t know to know I from bout here boa.  Lemme burn all the reminders while I still got breath.

Barbados, you disappoint this old man.  All the high hopes and all the dreams…..chaaaa man!   Anonymous

Naked Departure

Glendairy -- Hell in Barbados
Glendairy — Hell in Barbados

18 thoughts on “Glendairy a Gem? WTF? I was a young officer….”

  1. You are damn right, ND, we are still not free. During the water crisis in St Joseph ,and St Andrew, while black people were ,waiting in vain and chasing BWA water tankers, and drinking discoloured water from the community tanks that were never sanitised, the white people down in Cattlewash were accorded an uninterrupted supply of water.
    Freedom my ar**


  2. The famous Spandau Prisons ,in Berlin built in 1876 was demolished in 1987 following the death of its famous long time prisoner Rudolph Hess. It was demolished by the German authorities, to stop it becoming a shrine, similar to the plans now in train for Glendairy.


  3. Many prisons are used as tourist attractions and we should not let folks intent on pushing negativism put a good idea to bed. Leroy is talking utter nonsense. When spoken of as gem they are referring to the building and not the system which it facilitated.
    That is the point of distinction where you guys are getting it all wrong. No prison system in a gem and therefore they are certainly referring to the building, its historical value and architecture all within the contest of a 19th century penal institution. It is a beautiful building irrespective of its use.
    Built in 1855 it could not have been built either by or for slaves since emancipation occurred in 1834/1838. Get your fact straight before going off on wild ill informed diatribes Leroy.


    1. YOU ARE STILL NOT FREE. Did you fight for freedom. No one gives freedom, you have to fight for it and fight to keep it. And how is this emancipation reflected in your constitution? Are white people prevented from buying land there, and do you have the right and the freedom to bear arms (post slavery and all) and freedom of speech and freedom of information (post slavery and all)? And you talk about 1834….Do you know how much time it took to domesticate you Bajans? Wean you off of having sex with your mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, etc., which was done to restock the slave population? Do you know how many years that took? Incest and pedophiles still abound in Barbados, that stench of slavery is still there. And then the 5% that control things. How is it that 5% control the 95%??? And if you are so free and all….why don’t you show your face and state your name? Free people don’t move in fear. And talking about being free…. how is it that only black people in Barbados are on porno sites all over the place having sex? White people there don’t screw? How’s that for freedom. You all still in incest, pedophiles, don’t control your banks (money), don’t control jobs, don’t control parliament, main industry is SLAVERY/SERVICE INDUSTRY lovingly called tourism, still got queen’s jail, hospital and uwi and CROWN LAND. How you free? Do you know how free people behave? Free people sign their names and show their faces and bear arms and don’t go into black jails with black jailers…. Ask the 5% that run things in Barbados about freedom ’cause you don’t have a clue. If you have their bible, you don’t have a clue. If you recite what they taught you, you don’t have a clue. If you go to them for a job, you don’t have a clue. Nothing has changed…don’t let your rent/mortgage fool you into thinking you are free. Sheri Veronica and my face is all over the internet.


      1. was hoping you would have supplied copies of your CONSTITUTION and how it relates to “slavery” and the white man buying of land and his ownership of real estate in Bim….. Was hoping you could explain how Michael Carrington is still sitting in Parliament. Gosh, was even expecting you to explain CLICO. nada… Not even your name, something commonly given to humans at birth. smh!!!


  4. Man dont bother yourself with all the talk that Adriel Brathwaite put down. In a few months Glendairy will be covered in bush and vine, and the nearby squatters will move in and demolish it, piece by piece.
    If the Government now finds it difficult to maintain the “old” NIS building , the Public Library, Louis Lynch school, and to some extent the Empire Cinema,among others , do you think that they will have the will to maintain Glendairy? unless of course Bizzy or Mark Maloney buys it, spends some money on it , and then rent it back to the Government.
    Glendairy aint exactly Harsun College or Combermere.


  5. So people can tour Alcatraz prison is the USA, and bring in $$$ but we cant do anything with Glendairy, which is older by the way (built in 1855 as opposed to Alcatraz 1868) smh some of we bajans can really crawl back under the rock where we came from.


    1. Alcatraz is an Island. The federal prison there had WHITE and very, otherwise influential, criminals (MOBSTERS, politicians, judges, lawyers, etc.). Also, Alcatraz is now home to rare flowers and plants, marine wildlife, and thousands of roosting and nesting sea birds. Not so in Barbados.

      Glendairy was built by slaves for slaves and was burned down to avoid a bulling orgy. What other history do you know of Glendairy that you can provide here? This is all about education.


  6. But Skippa you know full well that Bajans have a warp sense of humour, if you can call it that. We back then condemned the private concessionaires wooden buses, but today we are paying big big bucks to tour on them. We back in the days when king was sugar, could not dare go near a plantation great house, unless we worked as maids there,and even then we hand to enter by the back door. Today we are paying big bucks to visit, eat and even get married in one of these Great Houses.
    There was a stigma attached to living in a board house, today we see the Chattel House on display ,at the Barbados stand at exhibitions overseas, the brain child of people who would not be seen dead, living or visiting a board and shingle home in Barbados.
    Yes, we are a funny people. And I thought that I was the only one abhored by the morbid rush to see the inside of a prison.


    1. @Cor Blummah
      NOVEMBER 1, 2016 AT 6:08 PM

      Boom!!!! You are so correct.

      Imagine paying, as a Black person, to go visit the Plantation houses. Imagine. And the stories put forth are not about the reality of a plantation for the masses of slaves worked to death on them. They talk about history of the Plantocracy not the reality of a slave colony with all the brutality, depravity, terrorism, rape, cruelty that supported the said visited revered Plantation homes. It is so disgusting. All the Caribbean islands were/are massive SLAVE PLANTATIONS and that is not put forth in the blurbs about each island. Oh, yes there is a paragraph here and there about some little bit of slavery, or so it is conveyed, but that is about it. What is put forth are the good ole days….good ole days for whom? Not for any Black person. And today there are housing developments called Plantation this or that and Black people can’t wait to purchase a property in said plantation development. I was shocked that no one, read Black person, as far as I know, objected to a development named Plantation X. It’s just a name people might say but those of us who understand that sound is vibration waves, and that these produce an effect, and therefore have power, understand the impact of words whether positive or negative.

      And, don’t get me started on George Washington house…It is revered because a slave holding American president stayed there….Let that sink in a bit…..

      People, visitors/locals, are encouraged to go visit a building that a SLAVE HOLDING American president stayed in. And no one takes issue, has a problem, with that? Wow…….

      Is the term ‘funny’ to describe Bajans accurate or is it more like they are so enslaved that they do not, cannot, discern their enslavement?

      And as a last thought, what about the Synagogue in Barbados? The second oldest Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, the first being in Brazil. How did a Synagogue come to be in Barbados, of all places? Hardly anyone speaks about that place except to put forth lies about the Jews in Barbados. People will tell you they were merchants end of story which they were except one little, tiny, teeny bit of information is ALWAYS left out which is : THEY WERE MERCHANTS OF PEOPLE. MERCHANTS OF YOUR ANCESTORS. They were the backers, financiers, of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade and what pray tell is happening, currently, in good ole Barbados to preserve the Jewish historical LIES on the island? Who is pouring massive amounts of money for said preservation of lies? Hmmmmmmmmmm……………….

      Know your STORY otherwise you will fall for all the nonsense, read lies, that are out there to foil your pursuit of knowledge, to detract you from the truth.


  7. Yes it was sent him there to teach him a lesson boy what a lesson he learnt when there were finished with him he couldn’t walk he was ripped to pieces cried like a baby almost went crazy took turns on him. Think it was Sean Maloney stole the bank money so that was his punishment for bringing shame to the family you know that had to be deliberate cause white people don’t get lock up in Barbados


  8. We as a people should tell the entire story of Glendairy, of all the buildings in Bim, im sure this has the most to tell, but it cant speak like we do. So maybe we should tell, how many slaves died building it, how many slaves were hung and tortured there, we should tell why and how it was built and the who secured the monies, we should tell the entire story for generations to come, glendairy was built for slaves, by slaves.
    This is no ‘Gem’ , this is one building with the admiration for european designs propagated by some black historians here that cannot escape its purpose and use. Only thing salvageable in all this is in recording the past for future generations to learn from.


  9. There’s a thin line between a Gem and a Germ just an R makes a difference we’re very follow pattern I would consider it a gem if a few whites were hung there as well. That place was an incubator for bullers one white boy went there and get bulled and them let he go . See how fair life is? At least it would be a gem for white people cause hardly any of them ever went. Bajans the bandwagon capital of the world imagine we went and get an unesco inscription without consultation now if you have a snow cone cart and want to use an umbrella to shade you it might cause you your designation as a world heritage site Bridgetown and it’s garrison so the Hyatt might be in trouble ever hear so much shite? I wonder how many people have ever left their country to come and see them old delapidated buildings on bay street? Just a bunch of jokers


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