Olivette Howell Downes

Olivette, Why did you go to the Police?

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — OLIVETTE HOWELL-DOWNES (the saga continues) — Naked, Olivette Howell Downes of Pasture Road, went and 🦂tell the police that Mr Downes went and break in she house and had a knife to kill she (there’s a crab in this post).

Mrs Downes, stop telling your lies on your husband.  Keep on doing what you do best, sell your *****.  Not even your children ain’t want one thing to do with you, ya bad-minded ****.

Naked, please tell this women to stop with her stupidness!  Thank you for the outlet and for posting this Naked Departure.  Anonymous

Naked Departure


14 thoughts on “Olivette, Why did you go to the Police?”

  1. Finally olivette downes went court again for her husband Mr downes for a protection order in which its for a year .news gather that she just dont want insight at all she dont even want the husband pass on the government road by her she is saying when I past might see what I’m not suppose to see what I gather is that she leave her house at night pick up by all kinds of vehicle and comes back on morning and her lady friend that live down the hill from that she talks her name to people knows her inside out and also sleeps in the house with her at nights when she is not going to do her night work at houses for payment the rasta woman sits by the shop everyday watching the house while her woman mrs downes out picking fairs for the two of them she even say that mrs downes have ti do what she say or hell break loose in pasture road . well it look to me like mrs downes turning foolish selling she c… To anybody that comes along : its a shame olivette u have so much people crying on you for your dirty ways : and your dirty ways has you looking bad because of the nasty men that you go around with gods knows what you pick up on the shift at nights ” the rasta woman in her house sleeping while you out there at nights like a mini van get off .get on pay the w…. Its a bad state you are in ; and the live your living , I will like to pay your parents a visit to sit down and realy explaine to them a lot of things that is going that they dont even have the slightest idea that will hurt they head and especially her two beautiful girl children them wouldent even want to see her in life or in deaf at all but one day not to far but soon and i als understand that she has a brother abroad that she tells him a lot of lies but she is your sister but one good you will realy no your sister I mean really no your sister olivette .i wonder what her husband is thinking what kind or type of woman he put himself with well Mr downes a leopard can never change it skin in no way . so get out and move on with yourlife fine yourself a proper lady one you can relate to in life and be happy your not a bad looking man your a sweet smooth dark man move on Mr downes move on and smile again to the world .let her keep her trade leopard skin see you soon


    1. I no this would of happen some day olivette don’t want her husband to see nothing at all and that old rasta got she good but one good day she olivette would no .what an ass she is when your friend could tell you what to do and incourage men for you as a young woman you have to be s… .mr downes stay away from that girl olivette she is being rule by a family that f…. Her and they friends what would she think of next and her rasta friend stay away and you will see how your life would prosper first you must believe in yourself because i say you the other day and you looking refind hold up your head keep that shine on your smooth dark face fine yourself a nice woman not one that will bring them in when you leave for work one with class not an idiot shame on you olivette all your friends will soon see the real you enjoy while it last its just another d…… Your taking nothing strange to you a leopard always on the run thats you i came across some photos of the w…. On the sites so i guest you all would love to see them especialy her friends and family to see what they realy have coming soon pronography pictures round the corner


      1. I want to see the naked pictures of pasture road w…. Olivette howell i need to see the porn star photos nasty w……. B…..can’t waite


  2. ollivette howell of pasture rd bank hall has put her husband in the law hands again saying he jump a fifteen feet pailing and break in to the house with a knife to kill her .olivette stop telling f…… Lies on the man how a man that size get over that pailing u realy iut to destroy that man but i will like mr downes to tell u kiss his black ass and move on because when u come back down from being used like what you are a prostitude your going to be to late in life speak the truth and also tell your whole family the truth not only abiut mr downes your husband the whole truth. Con.t coming


  3. As I Said before , She is Playing with FIRE ! ! ! She knows this Man Very Well , that’s Why She is Making these Charge’s , She is afraid , the Man She is talking to , need’s to Keep from this Man’s Wife , Unless he is a Real Bad Man , Like Me Or Adrian ! I also Knows the Man , and What he is Capable of doing . Their is no boundaries When a Husband’s Marriage is on the Line . BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016////


    1. Some body is going g to get hurt seriously if this saga continued like this you better believe it and it look like the husband is real serious about he wife like he will move sea for her but wife & side man stop it this is to bad the husband like he no more then you think stop it now or before its to late and leave your husband name out the police book you can’t be for real stop letting people put c…. In your head you is a young woman let the old people live then nasty life as always becarrful


    2. Mr downes you is a good looking man & come from a good family ‘ you may think your wife Olivette downes doing you bad like the other long time men she …. Up since she come out of prison , but let me tell you she is doing you good ,cause she ….. Always running like how the men does run from the jail bird , mrs downes you could of do a better job :: force a marriage on a man to married you in lent season ‘ tell me who does that only a devil like you . you have yourself to blame for everything not even her mother’ father’ children dont even speak to her because she is to blasted listed and dangerous .olivette downes please stop …… Up a good man and keep them out the house the government lend to you respect the coverment property and stop keeping it into a zancy club or cococabana ……only a fool breaks his own heart !!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. But olivette downes why u treating your husband so ‘ you dont think for yourself . (8.400,) stop wearing the spongue in your ass to push it out and think before ya tell so much lies trouble coming blame yourself round the corner foolish b….


      2. I think this man Mr Downes is less than a man for seeing the things that he is commenting about his wife the one who he once love an cherish.all of a sudden u Mr Downes turn a monster against I am really ashamed of u .black smooth skin is not all .u have a black dirty mind it like a tomb look white on the outside but rottenbones on the inside. U misuse the humility of ur wife inosense .u need to tell naked departure the truth about ur wife.wat I cannot understand is that or wife is so dirty an worthless an yet u r trying your best to get her back even now.mrdownes u need to set your house in order .u have seven more demons than u had before u came into the church an I hope ur pastor no the predicament u r going through an correct u I whent to c him last week but he was out of the island about ur behavior but I was told u didn’t came there for a while shame on u Mr Downes .u boast so much about that church an because of your wicket ness u u leave the members seem to b very likable maybe the women there didn’t allowed u to come on to them ur smile an smooth meant no then to them u r a wolf in sheep clothing .ur pastor is back I will visit him hope to c u there that Sunday to c ur face ur work mate


    1. Mrs downes why are you playing with your husband job ‘ do you no that what you are doing is a very serious thing taking bread from a man mouth olivette ‘ olivette ‘olivette


      1. She olivette no what she is doing but neverrrrrrr take a man bread off the table girl what it is you realy doing i dont feel you have an idea what you are doing but you will have to no but only u no so if true .%%%


      2. If you is really trying to take bread from Mr downes mouth olivette you are a real w…. To stup as so low to make a move like that but olivette keep picking ya fairs late at night u will never see good to f…. Wicked when u fall ur going to hit so hard girl u feel u no life but u dont


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