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Why Mimic White Demons? Why Straighten DNA Spirals (Black Hair)?

BARBADOS/AFRICA/THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — Naked, I love being Black and am proud of my African ancestry.  But then again, I’ve spent my life trying to figure why we, Black people, are so hated and have diligently worked on deprogramming myself on the brainwashing of slavery.  We have been brainwashed and it has been so effective…to the point that Black women have spurred over a billion dollar industry, which Black people do not control, in the purchase of non-African hair.


Naked, it looks so ridiculous on people but yet Black women see nothing odd about it.  Your curls and coils have power.  What are the properties of coil like, spring like, spiral like (DNA), structures?  Some are conductors of energy.  Why is there, and has there been, a worldwide, it seems, concerted effort to demonize Black people?  We have something that the PTB, powers that be, want to destroy? And the majority of us don’t even know or care to use our intelligence to try to figure out what that is exactly. We were builders of civilizations. We are the oldest humans on earth. We have power but we don’t know it.

We don’t care to know it. We just mimic all the negative PROGRAMMING that is poured out from that ‘idiot’ box called a television (tel lie vision). We believe the lies and become the lies and pass that on to the next generation. It’s insane. Know your STORY in its fullness.  There is so much to know. Once they divest you of your connection to the African CONTINENT, not just a piece of land but an entire continent, then they can continue to reap the benefits of the riches of said continent while you, Black people, do everything to distance yourself from your claim.

Naked, the other thing is: why the hell would anyone want to mimic a group of people who have wrecked havoc on this earth wherever they have traveled?  They have committed genocide on many groups of non white people and you want to be like them? You want to be like a murderer, rapist, terrorist, just plain hateful group of people? Liars and people who’ve stolen from so many and claimed bounty and history as their own? They tried to deform The Great Sphinx at Giza in Egypt, which is part of the African CONTINENT, by blowing off its nose and lips so that it would no longer resemble, and be identifiable of the Black people, Black civilization from which it was produced. And these are the same people Black people want to be like? Are you INSANE? Think about that for a moment………Does that even make sense? Classic case of Stockholm Syndrome…Wake the hell up, for your own good and power. Think. Think. Think. Knowledge is POWER.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

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