Karen Arthur

Antonio Arthur of Brydens Wotless Until None in Left Back

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ANTONIO ARTHUR — Naked, this nasty bulla husband left he woman for another woman.  Why?  Because this dangerous, greasy face, two-faced woman would not stop selling she ***** ****** to the young boys at UWI.

Naked, although her husband, Antonio Arthur, the brand manager of Brydens, wotless until none in left back and loves to bull women, he right to left she.


Look she suffering now.  Always begging for food money, top up’s and is give bare **** all over campus just to get by.  I’m glad for you, YAH dangerous mammal.

Instead of you knowing so much and causing so much drama with people, you should show your son some respect in the chock up apartment YAH in, yah ****!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Antonio Arthur of Brydens Wotless Until None in Left Back”

  1. ha ha. come out things.. finally your exposed learn to leave people men alone. your bad *** cant bring in money. if I ever catch your *** around my man I will write an article about you also. your very licorish and desperate. nothing but a hungry flat chested *****. uwi does not mean that your educated in books it very well means your educated in ******* men at Karen Arthur


  2. WOTLESS ON TILL NONE IN LEFT BACK ? ? ? ? SO ! You’re actually Saying She is the World Most Wotless Woman , and She and She alone have all the Wotlessness in the entire WORLD ! So ! No Other Woman / Women is Wotless anymore, because Antonio Arthur have allllll ! I See , that Means all Other Women that Was Once Wotless are now Pure ! She Should be given a Medal for Cleansing the World Of Wutlessness ! Not bash , She Should be Lifted Up ! She Should be Honoured by the Queen of England ! and the United State’s President ! and the (EU ) Church Leader’s Should Praised her for doing their Job’s ! Of Cleansing the World . WOW !.WOW ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! !2016//////


  3. Karen dangerous Arthur your day has now arrive. I very happy for you. I hope you can deal with your publicity now let people see what you really is. Stop picking fares and start to respect yah self


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