Douglas Morris and Theo Graham: Where’s My Money?!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Now Naked, good morning.  Naked, I am in a meeting sitting down listening to DOUGLAS MORRIS talking this morning after the staff at S M Communication was paid last Friday.  Staff were in tears!!  People received way less than they expected, as usual.

Staff who are accustomed to getting $3,000.00 or more received $200.00 or less.  Now we the staff keep putting these dogs in Naked.  Sorry we spoke to the CEO of FLOW we spoke to Douglas we spoke to everyone possible.

People in this meeting fail to understand Douglas is a liar.  I for sure come to this meeting to hear when we will be paid our salary from February – September.  I don’t give a fuck about no promotions FLOW offering.  You really think I going out there for another month and work?  The only body you gine get gine out they and work is retarded Ann Lynn Weekes cause she does work 7 days a week including Sundays.  Don’t care what wanna do to that dogggg she will work.  So when wanna want wanna dirty work do call she.


All last week she was doing bad she don’t like SM and when it coming to payday she does be vex and can’t think.  I see her in there every single day since payday unless her cheques was very huge and she tell we different.  Cause we all know she does say one thing on yah face and something different when Douglas call she behind close doors.  OR SM call and give her a cheque to talk.  Enough about that retard.

THEO GRAHAM.  He is a blind.  People talk about Jade was bad but Theo int bad he know exactly what he doing and doing exactly what SM wants him to do.  People when Jade was there did your cheques look as bad as this month?  No.  Get up people and you know what, we get up went to the meeting this morning thinking we would hear about money.  Wanna think we stupid, hell no!  I know something got to give.  We want our money. Dont make sense talking to rare-mouth, sink-mouth Douglas cause he gine tell bare lies.

Monday when we ask about the money he said by Tuesday it will be sorted.  Now come into a meeting expecting to get yah cheque and our 75% too and nothing of the sort.

Naked, these dogs were in here about 7 times.  We want our FU**ING money we int want no more talk.  And you Theo is a blind you know SM stealing FLOW money claiming for 100 percent and giving the staff 40%. People you see how quiet he was Friday and Monday he was listening to every word wanna say to go back and tell Douglas and Shannita.  Trust me I know what is going on.

Every month the same shite, wait till next month wait till next month and people working hard is ass from February till October almost a year people paying bills and wanna tell people shite.  AND WE ALSO KNOW THAT FLOW PAID THE 75% three months ago.  Don’t mind SM, it was paid.

So yes you coming every day tomorrow I will be there in wanna face don’t care who vex cause i want my money.  Thank you for posting this Naked!  Fed up Staff

Naked Departure

18 thoughts on “Douglas Morris and Theo Graham: Where’s My Money?!”

  1. Reading this I ent no ANN-LNN does lie so bad omg well I was on her team Thk God I’m not on staff anymore she use to talk with me about all kinds of people that she don’t like an this horse 🐴 talk I taught her husband is the owner not knowing he is a groom she gets on like she is all of Tht not knowing she tel lies bad an I believed her trust me I did well Ann-Lynn o yes she use to brag about her money she gets she got aptment land an this an Tht her children ent lack of nothing omg this SNAKE 🐍 annlynn I cud speak of nuff tins but I don’t have all Tht time a little hint FLOW STAFF becareful my times I was in Tht car she use to call Douglas an Douglas will cal her also them does talk bout wAnna bad watch ANNLynn she is no good she even fuck bout with her costomers Thts true take the company car🚘 all about to meet her men yes we stil use to get sales 😂😂that 🐍She is


  2. Ann-lynn was in the office saying them talking bout me in naked , them talking bout me . If you would stop telling lies nobody would have to write bout you. Now yiu should tell them the horse princess is not yours nor yah family own . Your husband is the groomsman Ann-lyn .what horse what . You should tell patrick it is you that went to sell the indian man in bride street the sim cards when he was in Jamaca Doggggģ. You should let thomas know 2 months ago you sell the man the phone and you knew it was his customer. You should let thomas know you hate he woman and always talking bout she. Man you need to stop.


  3. You Douglas and Shanita Sm communication staff want them money sick and tired of saying this WE WANT OUR MONEY AND OUR 75% THAT FLOW PAID out months ago . Friday douglas said Monday , Monday he said Tuesday now it gone to Friday . This man does tell so much lies my God i beg you dont get no children hear cause the same thing wanna do to ppl will fall back pun wanna children . That HR Manger to we ready for you . You come in a indroduction meet and tell ppl bout it int the time to talk about money you retarded . What else we want to talk bout meeting you old stinking dog we know you is Shanita friend and we also know you come to rob we just like Douglas , Shanita Theo and the hold gang , So dont come in like how you come in this morning Smiling we know all of wanna like the Devil come to rob and steal .Dont worry see only 4 people was in office today wanna should have wonder where the rest was. I am sure not home twiddling them toes.


  4. Now how you Douglas could choose a team leader like Ann-lynn . Cant read , cant but over herself cant speak to no one she was trainning a new boy few weeks ago and she curse him you believe this is what them have as a team leader? She dont like Tarisha when Tarisha past threw dood to door office she does pelts her shoes at her, pull of her wig and pelt it saying she hates Tarisha . Just because that woman had to complain for her . Wanna cant get no better if wanna got she as Team lead .You feel she could have been Team leader in Yoland time never .Yoland delt with princible not hear say . She could have never go in Yoland office every day . And farless she had to work under ppl could be no leader .But this company going by news.


  5. And that one Tracey is a dig 2 weeks ago you get a cheuqe to hush you mouth she telling you bout pre sales from January lil you know that was to stop you from emailing the C E O Girl you so retarded i dont know who mek you.That nervours break down reall F**k you up. You does be running skipping when you get lil money and all for yourself $900.00 in shut up money hmmmnnn


  6. Tracey another dog Shanita give her s cheuqe two weeks ago $900.00 and some dollars .She was jumping skipping now on the 28th she get a cheuqe $100.00 dog wslking bout crying nobody int want to hear you when you get the first cheuque you was pun top of the world dont come complainning now cause nobody dont want to hear you . Go and tell the drug men and the ppl at the free football yah working at idiot like you . Stop bugging ppl . Call Shanita. Tell she you is one of the ppl that email Mr.Nsheey dony play you call crying cause you gine behind she back talking to the C E O i mean yah right but wait till he work it out dont be up in shanita ever min


  7. You know what hurt the most wanna dont pay the staff but if them owe for a sim card at the end of the month when flow want to count them stock old stink mouth douglas does be calling in yah house asking for topup money, sim card money , and phones .Dog like them but i telling yah i wasnt taking in a cent .Douglas want telling bout he mother


  8. Dont worry patrick the 916 crew get lick up this month man . I dont believe wanna play wanna got so much common sense and wanna play is thousands of dollars less and wanna still driving bout that car i hope wanna drive out the gass and went by the rum shop cause wanna cant be working man i had wanna as senseable men .PB when she come to give you hands out to take them man stand up for your right u deserve better.


  9. But who write this? Look SM is who owe wanna not Douguas notTheo but them is crooks just like she the know what she is doing is wrong look you feel theo care i watch Theo sit down on fb msg for hrs he int come to fix no problem he come as the sniffa dog .Them dont care nothing about you guys.


  10. Sm and that woman Amn-Lynn is friends she tells her everything her cheuqe was wrong and she went to SM new office and get another one so you guys would know how to handle that . Why wanna think she does play she working so hard she have to prove herself .And she does want to get away from home dont mind her talking C**t bout she dont care bout the amount paid from SM that her husband does get paid on the 25th .Now tell me you husband does get paid on the 25th you got horses you got this and that and you in the hot sun everyday. Hear what i gine tell wanna that police man dont care nothing bout she he does got women hear and burst Ann-lynn rass bad dad . Why you gine want every event , every phone to sell if you got it so good home? You should take the money and go back to school learn to put your words in place and get a dictionary learn words cause you retarded .

    Come in the office wid yah face push up tomorrow . Get your childern to read this for you.

    And stop begging ppl for cokes every single day . Stop . Girl yah dog


  11. I forget to tell wanna SM sponser that cruise and she gave away a S7 and that stink mouth woman that went to the cruises should had tell wańna Sm had the cruise and she gave away a S 7 that is wanna money thou .And wanna say wanna dont get pay and she bout they a SM Hat


  12. This is bare none sense every month wanna on here . Nothing will never change and you ppl still going every day . This is why S M will treat wanna so . I went to a cruse on Sunday the 30 th saw the same married woman that the drive the blue flow car . And big red that does sing wha she does get on like she the work for the work and you know what she cant speak to people she speaks very retared she flaunt her body all over that boat but when she open her mouth OMG she cant speak and she mouth did smell stink to .Please if wanna gine get reps please make sure them smell good . Make sure them take care of them mouth my God man pay them that they could take care of themself


  13. Alright i dont know why wanna dont strike why wanna went to the meeting again wanna know Douglas , SM , Theo and Taresha is friends wanna see them smiling bet them got paid . Douglas is a big nasty dog and he knows very well that no cheuques was coming Tuesday . All of wanna sit down in there wanna gine do this and that wanna int do nothing idiot .All the suck up was in the meeting today . Very strange somebody in the meeting write this . Wanna better start marching DONT GO IN THERE WANNA RETARTED .


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