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Gregston, my Tax man got to go Naked!

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I am the worse at paying my taxes to the stinking Barbados government.  I really don’t intend to be paying much anyhow or anytime.   When Mia and all them ministers and parliament people start paying theirs, I’ll pay mine.

Naked, this guy in the government does fix me up good.  But you know what Naked, he does want s** for the favor.  He saves me money but don’t want all money payment Naked, he want some p***** on the side.  Well, Bajan I born and gine dead Bajan, so I gi he some.  He show up at my door grinning he teet and doing a lil nervous dance, ya c**t!  But Naked, he tool small small small.


Why these men want so much p***** and can’t throw down doa Naked?  He mekking bare noise in my house and asking me if he hurting me.  Well, he did hurt my arm from the way he was resting pon it and I think I got acne on the side of my face cause of he Naked.

But Naked, I writing you cause I need someone else recommended from the forum to fix up my taxes.  A tax man in de government who waan tek money for he services, not money and some p****** on the side. Thanks Naked.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Gregston, my Tax man got to go Naked!”

  1. Do you see what wrong wid that lil island,,,

    All the women want a big c—–. Now according to the laws of nature we going to have very large, large, medium, small and very small c—–. If you were to assume a bell shape curve for c—- sizes, the big c—– may not occur as frequently as most men claim.

    So these women are all chasing the mythical big c—- and we small mpenis men ketching we tail to find a woman…


  2. Smiling ☺bajan women just real whoring a foop means absolutely nothing to them just whoring and classless you could be working for a cleaning company or a loans officer at a bank most are the same I’m just one lucky guy to have the one I have. If it ever come to pass the she and I part ways I heading Europe for a Russian girl or Scandinavian girl too much wutless and witless women in this 166 Sq mile piece of rock


    1. The thing is that they don’t seem to get why bajan men go elsewhere for their women. They don’t seem to ask honestly themselves ‘why’? We really dont like the stinking entitled attitude that bajan women have…its sucks.. and the thing is that they dont think they are doing anything wrong…they actually think that is how they supposed to get on.

      Adrian when u ready we gine Russia, Scandanavia or Vietnam together and we taking Leroy wid we.


  3. These women out here the giving away V for all kinds of reasons.He got a good car, good looking, popular, lime with the in crowd, got a good job..all kinds of reason. And all of them BREK. De tax man saving U way more than those brek men could ever give you but NOW its a problem. Think of the money de tax man saving you and ask ya self if de men u giving it free to ever give you that money. Plus de tax man like Santa only coming round once a year.


  4. You want to dodge taxes well u gotta give away some of that V. Too much of wunna expect shit from men for free as if the men money/ time aint got no sense. The problem with women is that women EXPECT men to do shit for free…well no. Wunna gotta give away some of that V.


  5. You realise that giving way you P**** to this tax man cause he save you some dollars, put you in the same category as the whores in Bush Hill.
    Wuk fer wuk.


  6. Why does this sound like comedy to Leroy?

    Lil pokie to dodge taxes and you making noise?
    Wunna women so foolish dat wunna does fuck for nothing or maintain a young stud and his and his lifestyle and aint mekking no noise at that, but an older fella who risking his job, who want lil pink spot(bc he struggling unlike de young stud) for a ‘good’ service(avoiding taxes,lol) and to you its a bad deal? Lol

    Pay ya taxes or open ya legs and shut ya mout.


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