Jamaica, the untold Story

JAMAICA: The Truth about Jamaicans

JAMAICA/CARIBBEAN (Naked Departure) — Who are Jamaicans and where did they come from?  Did they come from Africa or were they already living in that space/the land mass now known as Jamaica?  Naked Departure


3 thoughts on “JAMAICA: The Truth about Jamaicans”

  1. Absolutely fantastic video. Thank you Naked Departure.

    I have seen information about the Mound Builders, of the USA, being Black people. The story about the American Indian ancestors reaching the USA land mass by way of the Bering Straights, with the first settlement being called Clovis, is superseded by settlements found in South America, specifically near the southern tip of Chile. These settlements were those of Black people but naturally this information is having a very, very, very difficult time getting out to the mainstream. Can’t have the lies toppled by the truth now can we.

    Given the mental state of Bajans, I guess I should not be surprised at the lack of comments regarding this most important video.

    This type of information should leave your head spinning and stoke a desire to know the REAL story.

    I always wondered how Black people could accept a white man being depicted as their God. How they could accept a book that was used to enslave them as their religious book. How they could step foot in the church of satan, ooooppps, I meant God, and worship the words of a white man’s religions each and every day of their lives knowing the same words of the same book has been, and is being, used to cheat and kill them off….Again, classic case of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Keep it coming Naked. If even one person starts to question all they have been told, success has been had.


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