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Regina Hall

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — REGINA HALL — Good night Naked.  Naked, I have decided that something really has to be done about a thieving woman name Ragina Hall who is every day cheating those who genuinely want help out, of money that people are donating to help them.

Most days this lying cheating woman stands in Sheraton collecting money under false pretences telling people that the money is to help send poor children overseas and away to have hospital treatment, and yet not a cent goes to any children.

Instead, this evil woman takes ALL to pay rent, light, water and food for herself and her children.  This has gone along for several years now and still nothing has been done to drag her a** in front of the law to answer for her criminal ways, and this despite nuff people complaining and even writing in Naked Departure already.


How can she get away wid this week in week out and year in year out?  My woman and me gave her 40 dollars after hearing her sob story about these poor children, but then someone told us that the woman is a con artist and uses all the money for a salary!

[R]BPF wake up and get this no good con artist out of Sheraton and lock her a** up for stealing all the money do.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

17 thoughts on “Regina Hall”

  1. But waitttt……Eddie u is a c**t? How u mean that int theiving?? Let me come up to u wid a sponsor sheet an say it for needy children an then 10 mins later u see me in Kentucky dipping my hands in d bag wid d money buying a bucket of chicken. What would u say?? Would u say “that poor nice lady hungry all day from standing up asking for a donation and now she using d money to buy a bucket of chicken to carry home an eat. Well done madam. Fill your stomach with our money”? Well if u would say so come an give me a monetary donation plz…This is nonsense she is doing. Tell her go to the Welfare Department or put the children fathers in court or better yet find a job. What u don’t like for yourself don’t do to other people.


  2. I have known Ragina a long time and don’t think she is a thief. OK so she may help herself from the funds she is collecting to pay bills but I am not sure this can be called theft. Everyone has to survive and her entire family is struggling so only those who have not sinned should be having a dig at her and I guess that rules out almost everyone in Bim.


  3. Can’t help but lol as chickens comin home ta roost for true. I used to have this lowlife a few years back an foolishly tink we had summat good an long term like. Then she wreck my dreams out the blue after beggin for money to help wi rent. Not jus a couple grantley but she had dem fellas from Da costa chasing her for several thousan and like she heading for court unless I help she. Promise dis and promise dat and we gonna be good and even marry mebbe if IU help she so I does empty bank account and pay to get dacostas off she back. Nex thing she stop answering my calls and tell me we done. DONE? After she lef me brek? Just so? I can never forgive the bitch fer what she done to me but I hear she done this same thing with plenty other foolish fellas out there. I know one fella from the soldiers get tek and pay for abortiuon for she an then find out it wasn’t his after all! LOL LOL True as I stand here she will get her just deserts one day.


  4. Looka here as y’all getting the wrong idea here. Granted Freundel and co are robbing the country as a whole but tell me just ONE politico that is not doing the same ting? This woman one Regina Hall is however, the lowest of the low, mekkin out she raising funds for poor hospitalised children to send overseas to Canada and USA and then tekkin the said money GIVEN by us Bajans who can’t really afford to give except there but for the grace of God is my child and using it for rent and other things. Man that smacks of bare thiefery and the law should get out and put a stop to her RIGHT NOW! In fact I will be writing to my MP to demand something is done right now to envestigate both this low life and her mother so she better watch her back from now on as she WILL get a visit by police. That I guarantee as my brother is in Drug Squad and he tell me today he will speak to the Fraud officers. One Regina Hall. Days numbered thief. My wife sister is sub editor at the Nation and she gonna get to the bottom of this. Thiefing from the hopes of poor sick children? Lowest of the low. But not for much longer.


  5. Nah ya getting confused wid she twin sister bro. I hear she sister livin over an away in London. Both alike in looks cept one worked an t’other lazy as a**e allus asking for help here an there. Both were into TKD at one time. Regina want lockin up for true as she is a bare thief an allus taking her men for their money an the foolish idiots give too. Dont know bout her mother never seen her collecting so can’t talk her name.


  6. I use to see her out by Garrison. Didnt she use to have the footballer guy? Millard? He mussa dead as havent seen or heard about him for nuff time. She mussa brek him at de bank lol


  7. Lol I know she real well. She had most of the guys here at TKD and gave nuff p’y away when we were in Trinidad. All for some money to spend an all. She have three childrun wi three different fathers and three abortions to boot. Peter knew what he was about leffin her out. Like mother like daughter is the saying and she takes after Patsy who also cheats the punters out of their hard earn bread along with her. Both want locking up and not a moment too soon.


  8. Look, leave dem two apes, Freundel and Sinckler alone. The two of dem only thief from stupid,unsuspecting bajans. If you gine rob a bank, you gotta rob it when the ignorant bajans are awake, and it is broad daylight. Infant to sink low too, and thief like Carrington, own porn sites like Don ville Inniss, I want to be crooked like Michael Langley, and be in the back pocket of a drug dealer. I want to sink real low and bull young men like Ronald Jones, sink real low and have out of wedlock children like Adriel Brathwaite. I have no standards or morals, I want to rob insurance policy holders, just like David Thompson did. I just like thieving, bulling, pedophilia, wife-beating, drunkenness,whoring, after all I am a sub-human, and I hate any form of decency, but I am a bajan.


  9. The lady in front of Cave Shepherd is legitimate do you not read the papers to see her donating the money to the various charities and organizations. Also to the prize winners for the raffle. She has donated the money to the Children Development Centre. Last year a house fire victim and this year a cancer victim. There were photos in the Nation with her and them being interviewed


  10. There was a story in the Nation last week,where a woman on two different occasions found scouring pads in her dinner while eating at a city restaurant. Was this co-incidence, bad luck or was she trying to bilk money out of the restaurant. Look wha we come to .


  11. This government has reduced people to the stage where they have to beg, steal, borrow, cheat or sell their C**** and a****.
    We are worse now in some respects, than in 1937 or 1833.


  12. Ya right like f*** , Adrian, the biggest f****** thief in Barbados is the Government. Imagine the banks in Barbados were given the go ahead by the government to reduce the interests they pay on deposit account. Last year it was reduced to 0.25%, this year it is 0.17%. And would you believe that out of the little paid out, the Government of Barbados, like a hungry old poxy whore on Bush Hill, juck their hands in and tek out 7.5 %.
    Sheer tiefing wutlessnes.


  13. What money is she stealing? Is she doing anything that the government isn’t doing? Why not send the rbpf for frundel and sinckler they do it daily everybody has to live all you have to do is mind your own business and don’t give her anymore she’s just trying to survive like the rest of us. She’s never asked me yet if she ever ask me I would give I think you smarting over the forty dollars as for me a two or five would suffice you wanted to show off knowing you really couldn’t afford to part with so much money lololol


    1. adrian you is just in her corner cos you is her man or is it ex-man by now? She going round behind you and beg nuff people for money and offering favours if nuff money given. How comes you ent know that if you say she such a good person? you ent no nothing bro. I know plenty bout one Regina Hall an her family from Kingsland. They all want to bleed you dry and then spit you out. She breed three and have at least 4 abortions that I know of. Ask yourself how she can afford to pay 800 dollars rent now and light water an phone and feed her children yet has no job? Where the money come from Adrian? If not you then where from? Duhh! Rest my case.


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