black woman

Verla Marshall Smith

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked, where to start?  Yeah, I know, Verla Marshall Smith.  Naked, this woman is so blasted wicked god help Accra staff.  I couldn’t stand her but thankfully for she I don’t work there anymore cause she woulda see what God she serving.

Anyways, she start as a room attendant and sleeze she way to become a “coordinator” this woman dumb dumb dumb furthermore ain’t computer “literate” or got the qualifications and I mean none just by carrying people name and news get she d lil position, she does get on like she is the boss when her job just requires her to coordinate, she creates lots of problems for staff there and knowing she wouldn’t suffer any consequences she does what she feels like cause the supervisors and managers don’t ever put her in her place…..talking about them she loves to be in the mix with management feeling like a million dollars lol poor great idiot does rent and barely making ends meet live up Lodge Road side in Christ Church, yah would think that after cutting so much people throats over the years she would be better off.


Bad breath fool get your insides check Jesus Christ she mouth does smell like a pit toilet and always looking to talk to people.  She husband has to be a nasty man but then again as a bisexual officer of the not so royal police force, he like the sh***y scent …..but seriously she mouth bad bad bad I mean stink even she own “wicked partna Cheryl Senhouse” tell me she can’t take she senhouse oh Christ she’s another story.

But this bad-smelling slumdog Verla check yourself cause you see these times is real hard and I know Accra got a lot of young people now so be careful as to who you get fired but when I go church Sunday I shall pray for you.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Verla Marshall Smith”

  1. i hope that cheryl isnt MISS NO ONE who wrote in on the topic ACCRA..cause i want the person to talk bout the no pay service charges and unfair dismissals there that them mention


  2. wait, what the fussing bout if she gine church or not, nuff ppl in the church worst than she, and she got a problem with a person who done wrong,,, so she air her views, good for her dont let it kill you writer, get it out, writer this cheryl name came up before, i dont know her but from what i gather she aint easy and want to be oh so holy than holy, i was made to understand that her sister june married maureen holder brother, and he use to fuck cheryl, and also cheryl peters from around the corner from them,, and cheryl break up that married couple down the gap from her and she at accra playing she is a saint, i hear she use to cuss d man wife when she walk the road, as i say i aint know, but i doing my research on she,since i only talk to four ppl from the work place and the woman that was up dover the night, as i say i dont know she, so writer if you must bring cheryl senhouse here then so be it, here is to expose all the wrong doers, even me with ma big wutless pu****y cause i got two dildos lol,


  3. I don’t normally comment on this foolishness but u can’t b gine church and posting things bout ppl on here. U either for the lord or not. Churg Mussie gine fall down with all this slander u bout


    1. PEOPLE go to church after committing crimes against minors, people go to church after LYING, people go to church after STEALING people go to church to see someone’s woman or man, etc. Why single out Naked? This is MILD compared to you and your hypocritical bs and the sins YOU’ve committed in your life!! People go to church and lie to god about changing. Don’t make me laugh!!!!


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