Central Bank of Barbados-- BROKE!!

BANKS are Broke, Central Banks are Criminal Organizations

THE WORLD (Naked Departure) — BANKS are Broke, Central Banks are Criminal Organizations and the Taxpayers are being taken for a ride of their lifetime (and your children’s and their children’s lifetime)!  Well, if a white man with a British accent says it, it must be so, correct?  After all, they are the ones who set the money-game in motion.

However, the system is so all-encompassing that nothing printed and/or otherwise told would make much of a difference — unless people rise up en masse.  Ain’t going to happen!  Remember, money replaced the chains.

Gap-tooth Worrell
Gap-tooth Worrell

Everytime a Central Bank prints money, it is doing something that YOU would be arrested for (counterfeiting), and for a long time…but they get to be the top GANGSTERS.  I am sure you remember your Central Bank in Barbados RECENTLY printing over $114,000,000 (so they say).  You’ll never see that money.  And if it’s PRINTED it has to be accounted for and repaid — and guess who’s there to wipe up the mess — YOU, the taxpayers.


As you can see, every now and again, Naked Departure moves away from the salacious bloggers’ blogs to post things that we think are exceedingly important.  All things are important and all IN-FORM-ATION should be used as tools to pull thoughts together cohesively.

It’s time to stop being afraid.  That’s what I say!  Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “BANKS are Broke, Central Banks are Criminal Organizations”

  1. This is why the 13 families who own and run these World banks are under fire ,WARRANTS ARE BEING ISSUED FOR THOSE WHO DONT TAKE THE DEAL TO GO BY THE RULE OF LAW AND CONSTITUTION OF THE NATIONS, BANKERS , JUDGES OTHER SO CALLED LAW ENFORCEMENT ., there is a war going on now, Depends on who WINS the US elections there maybe a split in government law VS unlawful,


    1. @Moorel

      Does not matter who wins any election anywhere on this earth. Politicians control NOTHING. The people who control are never seen.It’s all just a show. Everything is decided, always, way in advance. Take a look:


      Not the first time these types of things have come to light. But all just excuse it or simply remain with their head in the sand because to know means one has to change. Would rather stay in the matrix, so to speak.


  2. Neither worrell nor the cb belong to us. Bretton woods honoured him, and if you know who makes up bretton woods and their origin then you would know that’s like kkk honouring Harriet Tubman, so to me he must be a sellout and serving his true purpose very well. In the propaganda rags (papers), often these days there is attention drawn to the central bank and its recklessness, haplessness, and facilitation rather than curbing gov’t in unsustainable policies… at least that’s how it would look to you if you are aren’t from the imf; if you were then you would think they’re doing a sterling job. Central banks are privately owned, never mind the country in the name, ‘barbados’ light and power ain no different (underneath the façade they are emera). That means they have owners and shareholders who have to make a profit, and that’s off us. They slide under the radar but there is no debt slavery without central banking to manipulate monetary policy (printing, interest rates, etc) to keep it in place… nor without the willing participation the debt slaves.


  3. That makes Worrell and the likes of Bjerkham top criminals of our central bank. Let’s not forget they are holding millions of dollars for Parris and that also is illegal, and they are all getting away with this. BITT is also accommodating the illegal transfers/money laundering of money to offshore banks. Who is stopping them? Certainly not Leacock nor Brathwaite.


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