Big Fight at A-List Party

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, good evening to you Naked.  Naked, I was at an up-do the other evening.  Now, I am having an affair with my husband’s friend, but didn’t know my husband suspected.  His friend is married also.

Anyhow Naked, we at this posh affair and the friend comes up to me and say, “Hi Julie (fake name), I haven’t seen you in such a long time.”  Then he looked over to my husband (his friend) and said: “But Eddie (fake name), where you hiding she?”


Naked, my husband had someone following me around and saw me and he friend together.  I don’t know how them get it, but he even have photos of we in the apartment (down there by the beach on Brightons — BTW, that place could be wired for blackmail!). MANNNN, the biggest fight started.  The man, he friend, didn’t see the first punch coming at all (it kinda was sorta like a sucker punch if you ask me).  Them two fight and carry on turble in de people place!  And he wife over there saying “what happened (all proper), all my husband said was where you’re hiding Julie (fake name).

Well Naked, to make a long story short, my husband was cheating and what’s good for de goose gotta be good for de gander.  As to his friend, the wife thought my husband just went crazy out of he head and a lil jealous, whatever the case is.  But he marriage intact.

Mine?  Naked, I will update you of the outcome of my marriage.  Cause if I getting divorce over this, the wife gotta see the photos too, you don’t think so Naked?  Anonymous

Naked Departure

13 thoughts on “Big Fight at A-List Party”

  1. Your partner cheats. You’re hurt, or maybe you’re unsurprised (if you unsurprised about it why you still there…?), but either way you either staying or leaving. When you decide to stay and then cheat back, male or female, it doesn’t help, just does more damage to the already weak bond, shows you petty and ain serious, and now both of you hurting (or maybe unsurprised) and both of you can’t trust the other; just wasting one another’s time when you could have walked away the clean one with your head held high, now you both dirty and everything you can say about them they can say about you too. Plus you stay with someone who cheated, so it’s more likely than not that they would do it again. To each their own. Personally I prefer to be single than in these shams I see people calling relationships these days. To me once a thing ain real, it fake.


  2. You want to quote what good for the geese! ,why not quote you make your bed lay in it .!Now I am not trying to put you down you did that yourself ,but if I was the other lady and you bring that shit as in pictures to show me I will whip you and whom ever you bring asses .You and her husband did that shit so leave her out . U should have pull up your husband about his cheating ass or get out remember for every action there a reaction u just react wrong .Why try to break up a marriage because your ass miserable and you want company. Your husband might never trust u again but my advice to u is pick up your big woman panties and work on your marriage.. .tell him about his shit. …I pray that everything will work out for the best for u respect yourself . RAW


  3. Girlfriend don’t mind them make sure the wife sees the photos and wait for her to divorce him then the two of you can be together you wouldn’t have to cheat anymore you’ll have the man you really love you two deserve each other . But make sure you update us unlike some of these judases hey I want to know I’m not going to pretend


  4. Ppl come on naked to expose others but you come to expose yourself, WTF in Gods green earth are you thinking,,you think this/life is some tv series suspense drama or something. ,,I dont know if to laugh or smfh at u.

    You could have just wrote to Dear Christine and get professional advice,,bc commentors pun hey gine blow u up, get sense woman and get a life.

    If you feel its fiction,,then feel free to give us weekly episode synopsis , dont mind a good laugh.


    1. How did all the ignorant yet still rich whites get in? How did their ignorant trophy wives get in? Is good language a prerequisite to the bourgeoisie? Smfh daily


  5. Two wrongs don’t make it right. Just because your husband was cheating does not mean that you should cheat too and since you did not know that you were being followed, he now have information on you that can be used in your divorce. Who gives you the right to tell the other man’s wife anything? Serves you right. You should have kept your legs shut. I would believe that you went willingly with the other man anyhow. In Barbados when a man have two women, he is a playboy. When a woman have two men, she is a prostitute. So what does that make you? All you are out for now is revenge and you just might get it in the form of some good blows and then a divorce. Silly billy.


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