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Deann is Claiming Christopher King

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CHRISTOPHER KING — Naked, Deann from Sol like she mad or she foolish.  Girl, you is what I call a foolish ***** of a woman.  You claim you have Christopher King aka dragon, *****, that boy ain’t got you and you got he name.  Start to question yourself girl.

He love heself not you.  Ask he about your friend that he **** that work with you at Sol behind your back.  How many lies and stories he got to feed you?  Why he sending about video and pics with your ***** to his friends?  You are the fool and your face in that video and in your naked body pic please take pride in yourself.  Stop let he make people laugh at you.

As for his children mother LeeAnn, she needs to put him in his place.  Nobody ain’t standing for no dead-beat man that brek and can’t feel for his children.  When will you ladies really see he don’t want you guys, only what wanna can give him.


Look out for wanna children and not him.  Does he work?  That’s what wanna ladies should find out.  Deann, he gone back with his baby mother don’t let he tell you different.  Stop telling he everything people tell you cause people telling you the truth and he knows you want a man so bad that if he tell you it’s a lie you believe it.

LeeAnn, he is having *** without condoms with Deann and he lies to you when he says it’s not true.  He likes to see Deann ***** shave and look nice.

The other day my friend Deann was having his child and he told her to abort it but she told him about a doctor who do it for $100 and that sick ***** don’t give the girl the money she went and do it on her own.  He does lie to my friend so much that she believe he is the only man for her.

He made sure she enjoy her birthday and his coming up and my plan to take he dinner and buy him a gift so wanna getting play by gold digger and wanna need to open wanna eyes before late.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Deann is Claiming Christopher King”

  1. This ”dragon” who aint got no job is Just the kind of man wunna bajan women like. Then you all does get an say ‘bajan men aint no good’ Its not bajan men its the men that wunna chose to deal wid that that aint no good… Here is some free advice: A man name dragon wid no job aint gonna get u anywhere.


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