Dum trying to kill muh!!

“Dem Trying to Kill Me!!” VIDEO

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  VIDEO — If after watching this video you are not left confused, I just don’t know what to say….   Is it the fire and the probable/potential damage to other homes which was the focus of this video, or the opening scene which shows a man running for his life, holding onto his dear pants and crying out: ‘DEM TRYING TO KILL ME’…?



6 thoughts on ““Dem Trying to Kill Me!!” VIDEO”

  1. Leroy this man has a great mental condition, too much sense in his brain. There was alot of rubbish around the house thougn for the majority of times i passed it so maybe from the heat of outside something started and old wood, does catch quickly…. or it could be someone teying to have the man irradiated from the area…. but in many ways this story doesn’t add up.


  2. This is deplorable…why accuse & try to kill the homeless man with Big Rocks. Would you burn down your only place of aboard, when you are homeless?


    1. Maybe he mistakenly did it, he may have mental issue or forgetful, who knows,,i suspect the neighbours are correct about the source of fire but they need not resort to violence.


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