Mr. Sandiford, bad husband

I Still Think my Wife should have Stayed

UNITED KINGDOM/BARBADOS (Naked Departure), Good day Naked.  Something has been bothering me now for a good while.  Naked, I was married to a good woman for 40 years when we got divorced.

Naked, nobody could cook as sweet at my wife.  No other woman smelled better than my wife.  Naked, I don’t even know if it is possible for my wife to have bad breath.  Naked, my wife used to go to church on Sundays and come home and put down a wicked loving on me.  She used to say all the preaching use to turn her on and she couldn’t wait to get home to unfair me.  Hahaha, Naked, Sunday was THE highlight of my week and I couldn’t wait for her to bust open the door every Sunday like clockwork, I never got tired of that.  But Naked, from even before we got married, I was cheating on her.


Naked, I don’t know why we men do it, all the lying and deceiving.  I’m just sitting here now and thinking about her.  Her skin.  Her smile.  Naked, you couldn’t want for a better woman.  She made the best pone.  Christmas coming and I am missing her.

After all this time she left me.  Throw away a whole marriage.  Forty year.  And for what?  I gave her a beautiful flat and sons.  She never wanted for nothing Naked.  But she cannot forgive me.  Naked, she is saying I broke her heart.

So I am here thinking.  Not why we men do what we do, but why women can’t understand.  Why did she leave me?  We are in our late sixties and there’s  not much out there for any of us.  She could have well have stayed.

Forty years and not one of those women could put down a loving like my wife on Sundays after church!  Not one.  Naked, she used to smell so good.  Mr. Sandiford

Naked Departure (Photo: Generic)

8 thoughts on “I Still Think my Wife should have Stayed”

  1. Figure the way of your actions that cause the misdeed to prosper . stop trying to find answers when you havent anseer the questions .why?, was it worth it ?where do we go from here?will i ever trust me again?, you fear sad and lonely as you want the readers to believe are a sorry excuse for a man,not once have you mention what yiu hve done for her but how she has pleasured you an attended to your desires so i ask again was it worth it. Cheating male species always throwing blame on the other party.but like you said she wanted for nothing but your Trust which she rightfully earn an then for you to break it .hell no just as my grandfather woukd say GUESS YAH LIKE DE THREE EGGS NOW NAH ,ONE GOOD,—–TWO BAD


  2. Why should she have stay with your lying cheating backside? she gave you everything and you threw it away and now Xmas coming you missing your cook.. ..know your damn place!!


  3. You should have learned the game of chest you never swap a queen for a pawn…you obviously didn’t know what you wanted you had it all and you gave it and clearly what you sacrificed it for was no’ll die a very unhappy man


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