Incest on Five-Year-Old; Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GOOD MORNING Naked.  Naked, with your pedophiles on every corner awareness blogs, I started watching my girls more.  Even without planning it, I would just tack back and look out the window or push a door or something.

Naked, I have three girls and I kept an eye on the older ones, but my little one is not well.  Naked, she has/had a yeast infection.  She is five years old.

She came back from visiting with she father and he tell me the little girl ***** smell stink.  Naked, you believe them words coming out a man’s mouth about his little, innocent daughter?


Well, I get to questioning my baby girl and she explained that there was sodomy…, no penetration.  Dirty bacteria and clean vagina don’t mix…them can’t mix Naked.  This man is accustomed being around all sorts of women.  Now look how we gine end up in Dodds.

We plan and wait for he ra** Naked.  When he came to pick she up all ah took turns pon him.  So when you see him with that brek hand in a sling, he didn’t fall out no tree.  Soldier boy, don’t come back hay.  Send the child money through the court.  Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo: Generic)

7 thoughts on “Incest on Five-Year-Old; Barbados”

  1. Im just saying, some women does walk up and down town de whole day looking for the perfect outfit and spend half day in a saloon to look perfect for a show or some crap, and then turn around and in a flash, seemingly without thinking, bc he look good or got swagger etc…choose the first man that tell dem they pu$$y look fat, or I wanna eat dat. If yall women would use more common sense while choosing a mate, yall wud greatly reduce your chances of this crap happening.
    Thats the truth right there!


  2. Wana always ready to jump ,look that look and sound fishy it got to be fishy.A yeast infection you can get it in so many way ,underpants fitting to tight antibiotics, poor hygiene and much more.YOU SHOULD OF TAKEN THAT FURTHER. That child needs counseling that is very IMPORTANT .That child should be questioned by a train individual,You might question her and end up putting word in her little head ,like for instance,you will ask her daddy put he pee pee in your pockpock ?At five years you have to have tack , how often and tone you use she would say what she think you want to hear .yes this county have gone down hill when it come to our less fortunate children seniors disabled and on…. This should be reported to the police ,and I tell you why an investigation need to take place ..hi for instance he wants to see and spend time with his daughter what you going to do ?he take you to court for visitation you have no proof you haven’t reported it and we start all over again,you don’t want that .Breaking his hand will not stop him from doing it to someone else’s child.My take on this ,when we have sex with a man it not haveing sex we are having babies,So ask ya self Who am I haveing my babies with? when you have sex I HOPE YOU INT JUST SETTING UP THIS MAN CAUSE U WILL BE SETTING UP YOUR CHILD BIG TIME.ITS JUST THE WAY YA HANDLE IT.


  3. Wonderful girl I could kiss you now that’s an excellent way to deal with that situation but please don’t let it done there I want the other hand broken and break over the one that healing thanking you in advance


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