Lil Wayne - Apology not accepted!

Lil Wayne is Backpedaling but the Damage is already Done

THE WORLD/USA (Naked Departure) — LIL WAYNE — WHAT happens when lil black boys insult their money source(s)?  The mon[k]ey has to apologize.  Lil Wayne, it’s too late to a-pol-o-gize, it’s too late!!  We heard you loud and clear!  And guess what, we believe every word you said!  Really and truly though…, you should not allow amphibians in studios without a net!


But, was anyone really surprised by Lil Wayne and his insensitive views — well, just look at him.  The twist-mouth lil boy ain’t got no sense.  Barely reaching counter height, with ugly, stubby fingers (and you know what that means), and more resembling a lizard, what would you expect from a designer clown, a monkey, used by the white man for entertainment?

The person who scheduled that amphibian for the interview should be fired!

Lil Wayne, you passed the point of no return.  Guess you didn’t learn anything after your eight-month stint at Rikers Island!  Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Lil Wayne is Backpedaling but the Damage is already Done”

  1. He’s just a puppet. He did as he was told. Divide and conquer. It has been the name of the game, when dealing with Black people, for the last 500 years on this side of the Atlantic.

    The entire music industry is controlled. All artists. Every last one of them. Hollyweird, the music industry and the military industrial complex work hand in hand to control the messages to the masses.


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