Lil Wayne, not human

Lil Wayne: Napoleon Complex or Non Human?

THE WORLD/UNITED STATES (Naked Departure) — LIL WAYNE aka Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.  If not for falling through a very tiny crack in the tenements, where would Lil Wayne be?  Not only did he land on his head, he also managed to pick up a few dollar bills along the way to Rikers Island.  Yeah, Rikers Island.  He stayed there for about eight months.  But the white man has given Lil Wayne a pass.  They don’t see him as a threat — he’s a needed distraction!

Did you see this clip of the interview with Lil Wayne?  One wonders who in their right-thinking mind would even want to talk to him?  Who is Lil Wayne?  What woman (or bitches as he calls them) would kiss that face and have that tattooed body rest on their chests?


So, Lil Wayne got to where he is and he forgot the entire process. White people buy tickets to his shows and that’s all that matters — that’s all she wrote. Calling the interviewer (a black woman) names and insulting her on national TV took no effort for Lil Wayne — why was he invited there?  He’s classless.

There was an aspect of his demeanor which made him appear non human, non caring.  And lookie here….look what we found:

Everyone has their path which leads them to their experiencing of LIFE, having a story to tell and in the end, showing something of what they’ve learned.

If that’s all Lil Wayne has to give, I think we should offer Lil Wayne some water…we need to water him and maybe the stunted root he is will grow….up.

If he’s not connected, how did he become rich and famous?  Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Lil Wayne: Napoleon Complex or Non Human?”

  1. Wow I just watched the clip at least he’s honest and I’ll say this they’re lots of black people with money that thinks just like him. Tell me how many of those super rich black people actually coming our and supporting black lives matter? It’s one thing to wear a tee shirt but it’s another thing to come public and express how you really feel deep in your heart I’m not seeing the numbers but then again I’m thousands of miles away I can only depend on TV or social media so correct me if I’m wrong


  2. The white man has kept him in the state of mind, he needs to have to return him to his physical space, his plantation. Leaving the plantation physically, does not end slavery, if it did, most of us would be free. “Lil Slave” or Lil Wayne has never left the plantation mentally. Lil Wayne’s tragedy is reflected in his music, his disrespect of black women, and his ignorance of self. Lil Wayne is the most dangerous kind of negro, he is a negro with no understanding of self.


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