Pre-Meditated Fraud at COB Credit Union

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked I am still trying to get out of my pre-meditated or is it pre-medicated FRAUD.  The problem is that I do not really take prescribed medication so I am going to fight this tooth and nail.

The fraud squad is yet to produce the report from the investigation so I guess I can say they are dirty since some of my documents relating to this case also disappeared there.


There was a meeting this week to collect some documents from COB, their lawyer and loans manager was in the room, and they were trying to tape the meeting on two cell phones without even informing me. How illegal can they be?

The station sergeant in the Commissioner’s office stated I will never get the report of the investigation between COB and myself.  Corruption at its height.

caswell_franklynCaswell Franklyn stated that he knows the contents of the report so why can’t I? Is money being paid or passed to ensure that the fraudulent practices of COB stay covered and continues?

The extra three hundred thousand that was added to my legal document without my knowledge makes me wonder how many persons homes or others possessions were taken from them fraudulently.

We need to band together and stop these illegal practices.  Yesterday was someone’s turn today is mine.  Let’s stop yours from being tomorrow.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

8 thoughts on “Pre-Meditated Fraud at COB Credit Union”

  1. Now you understand cor blummah, why many Bajans do not trust the banks, Credit Unions or the Government saving bonds. They are all organised criminals, no better than Clico and Leroy Parris, who the Prime Minister of Barbados is quoted as saying that he trusts Leroy Parris , more than the Leader of the Opposition.


  2. My friend keep up the fight they would like to believe you’re mad cause if enough people think you’re crazy that’s the slant they would use oh man she crazy leave her she just mad. So do not give up keep fighting I’m backing you all the way don’t mind the hypocrites when it’s their turn they’ll be singing another tune


    1. Naked, this woman keeps complaining about her problem all the time whether it is true or not; but she does not think about NO ONE but herself. She keeps a few chickens and a few dogs and does not clean the pens properly,some days people passing the road infront her house ask the question ,wha de rasshole is dah dat smell so fucking stink? and i mean they blurt in out loud. She does not care abouy her neighbours only about herself, and if the tain just fall for a short while it is hell bout day, i thought it was illegal to keep such things in close neighbourhoods but it seems like anything can happen on this little rock ;if ya got certain fThis is nothing anonymous this is realriends,She needs to remember cleanliness is next to you know what.


      1. So that means she should be unfaired and potentially impoverished by her credit union? No right-thinking, free-minded person could ever believe that is reasonable justification to leave someone in need of help and being prejudiced by the system out on a limb, and I bet you would never miss a chance to vote for these nasty thieving politicians that f-ck people children tho. WTF. What’s the excuse next time, and how many excuses will apply to YOU when you need help? smfh
        If we only stand by the “perfect” then who would we stand by? The question should be whether the cause has merit, and I see no reason information pertinent to the case should be denied her, as she is the client without whom these corporations are NOTHING, now having to fight the same corporation existing off clients like her, not a beggar pleading for a free report. If I had funds in cob I would do like adviser, even if only to force some disclosure by which the writer and everyone else can be satisfied that the issue is properly resolved, one way or another. Solidarity is what we need, and that is free. F*ck unions. ND has done something here, I know it wasn’t the aim, but here we have a situation where the newspapers read US. WE effect change. What we say here is HEARD. We get results and resolutions. Like it or not this is our only weapon for the time being, and she is equally entitled to use it.


  3. YOU ! have not Mentioned One Word about Your Attorney ! Those CRIMINAL’S Going to get You Charge before Long , You are Playing with this Serious Matter ! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016/


  4. How you want us to come together? I willing to stand by you .This is how I wish we could do this ,stand together back one another.but we just talk ,naked said she got the numbers ,we can stand stronger then the unions .A white man tell me a few days ago ,Blacks will never never come come together.let us put him to shame.i have a few dollars in COB I am taking it out . If you have money in this place take it out it can happen to you .This story was here on naked and in the nation it’s no lie,This woman work hard and stand to lose she is a good woman her son are products of a good up bring.


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