Sheena Lambert

The Real Sheena Lambert

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHEENA LAMBERT — Naked Departure, I got to tell you about Barbados biggest *****, Sheena Lambert AKA Glammerts AKA Hide ya credit cards cause she is a big scammer.  Naked, for a girl who thinks she so high class, it’s a pity she likes drama.


Bullet points on Sheena Glammerts:

1.  She got a daughter going school at cawmere  and she put that child on a man that ain’t de father.

2. She is a fraud and thief and big ******…  She body count high.

3. She picks more fares that Muscle Kat.  Why wanna think she  and Sandy Pitt and they pimp Zeddo went Europe de other day..  Zeddo carry them to ***** them

4. She is a host at Buzo Restaurant but she fool with de owner to get that job.  How can someone charge for credit card fraud be working around a credit card machine..  That is liquid gold for she scamming ways.

4. She nickname..  Is Firecoutch  cause she don’t hold jobs long…..  The cliff.. Fired.  One Sandy Lane..  Fired.

5. She got a black piece of scum jail bird name Coco.. who like as much **** as she.. In jail he **** more ****** that de real queens.

6. She got a store name Glam by GLAMMERTS that she still paying off in giving up she ****** weekly for to de man from Trans Tech.

What Sheena needs to do is be very careful of her threats to people cause she needs to remember she daughter at cawmere would get de files on her.   Boss B-Anonymous

Naked Departure

Sheena Lambert
Sheena Lambert

14 thoughts on “The Real Sheena Lambert”

  1. I remember when she b’g man did bring a limo in chapman lane and he telln ppl a rich girl is who send it for he, but little did the people know that Kingsley Thorne that dead did ripping he boxc cause he mur bulling man wont stop bulling he so he run and wan play he a bad boy he a bad b’g boy


  2. While this idiot minding Glammed bizness Glammed living she life and happy as fk, unna too badminded all ya just jealous unna cant hop pun plane and go europe to…if ya aint got haters ya aint popping..go get u a life and come up off de gal name..fkn fools


  3. How she could put a child on a man that her daughter is the splitting image of? Steupse. From the time I read that stupid statement I knew this article was written by someone who just doesn’t like her. Her child looks EXACTLY like her father. Get a life.


  4. Y’all always with some old news that’s the girl crutch she can sell it and who never got fired? What does her child have to do with it? Ppl out there f’g for nothing!!! Who owns a store and don’t have bills? This credit card issue is so many years old she wasn’t the first or last!!! How miss Pitt get in? How Zeddo get in? How Avery get in? That is coco boxy he can do what he want with it he clearly likes women too caw he fk Femi Lucas on the beach recently I heard !!! So Next!!!!


  5. But her daughter didn’t pass for cawmere she pull a string for that transfer lol ask her what school her daughter really pass for was it Alexandra!!


  6. But wait @Close Associate. You really hate Avery Hackett doh. 😂😂😂😂 This post ain’t even bout he and here you come again with ya shite. Left from bout heh ya bad minded b. Hater. State ya real name and let de man deal wit u to suit. Freak.


  7. This alias Zeddo was Avery Hackett’s of Priva cropover band right hand local man until they fell out. They are both in the local drug business and share the same contacts even though Avery Hackett is based in the US.


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