Barbadians Celebrating FAILURE

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Barbadians keep on celebrating failure. Barbados no longer belongs to bajans, bajans cannot afford to live in the country they were born in. It is disgraceful that the things for basic human consumption are not available to the Barbadian people. Potable water, clean food, clean air and proper health standards, are basic human rights. Your political elites continue to lie to you and lead Barbados down a slippery slope of nothingness. You must know Barbadians that your generational standard of living is in decline, and that the actuarial tables will reflect that future generations of Barbadians will die younger, and live in a worse consumer based economy, than in the past. Now what’s it, that future generations will be worse off than the generations before them? It is because post independent Barbados, failed to harness the power of its separation from agrarianism to tourism, which are still the tools of the plantocracy.


Barbadians after independence, were never offered decent paying jobs, and the educational system in Barbados facilitated for the reliance of Barbadians on government sector employment. As most of you should know, that the main role of government is not to produce jobs for the populace. The private sector produces jobs, and pays taxes. Barbados is in social and governmental decay. It leads me to say, what are Barbadians celebrating relative to fifty years of independence? Does independence mean freedom for bajans, and if so, how and why? Granted there are more impressive houses and buildings in Barbados, but what about the national consciousness of Barbadians?

Barbadians must be engaged collectively in the replacement of the two-party-failed-political system. What Barbadians have been offered for the last fifty years, is the same old tired political rhetoric of the DLP/BLP. If Barbadians could not see the faces of the politicians in both of these parties, they would sound like the same persons were speaking. Barbadians you have been tricked, hoodwinked, and bamboozled. You must remember Barbadians, “If you continue to do what you always did, you will continue to get what you always got.”  Victor Callender

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Barbadians Celebrating FAILURE”

  1. An Old People whose ancestry goes thousands of years back before any “new” person came to the “new world” (which was in fact only new to them) fought and suffered atrocities, but still had their freedom, spirituality, knowledge, lands, names, true culture, lifestyle, languages, everything taken away by force. A society was built, structured on their perpetual enslavement (never intended to be citizens or even human under law – how can one enslave a HUMAN BEING?) and kept in place by force.

    Today the Old People’s descendants willingly accept the names, labels (like barbadian), culture, language, diet, and ways of the new people, and disavow any connection to their ancestry. Force is no longer needed. They do not care who they were called or what language they spoke before these enslavers came along. They do not mind being exploited as long as their brother gets exploited too. They do not fight for each other or even for themselves, but they celebrate the ones that fought to keep them under their “mother country”… whose protocols they aspire to. They even try to look as much like them as possible. Election after election, political parties changed, but the system of governance never has once, since 16-whatever during overt slavery; only the colour of the faces. They never fought to be freed, or against the hegemony, or made a stand against the atrocities, so how they get “free”? If not for the happenstance that it was more profitable to their enslavers to “free” them, give them money and take it back, they would still be in chains. If massa realized he was wrong, why weren’t they compensated, when the planters were? But, they are celebrating… something. They too love a celebration.


  2. LET ! Me Tell Wanna Something ,that Keep Talking About We INDEPENDENCE ! The OXFORD DICTIONARY Tell’s Me INDEPENDENCE Means ! the State Of being Independent (2) the time When a Country is no Longer Politically dependent On another . INDEPENDENT ! Free From the Control Or Authority Of Another Person , Country ,Or thing .Don’t Let me here Wanna na More With ITT ! I’M Shock that HISTORIANS JOURNALIST AND THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WESTINDIES DOESN’T SEE THIS ! BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 Bad Man 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫


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