black woman

Kimberley Holder from Todds, St. George

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I went to school with this girl Kimberley Holder.  Biggest gamer that ever come to town.  We were friends one time but you see the things I hearing and seeing Naked it ain’t right cause I does ask myself how people does sleep at night with themself.   Them might say with the fan at 2.

But on a real Naked, this girl does work in Harbour Road, last I check she got 2 children right but let me tell you she always in everybody cruises and fetes before she take care of her children.  The oldest one lives at she by she mother and if u see how that lil girl does go long your mouth wud drop.  But she dress up doing the dog on people cruises.


The last one this one hay got me vex cause what got me every f**king body know she did horning the man but she put the child on he cause he family or so she say useta take care of she 1st child good cause the child father never support it.  Poor Ikey supporting a jacket that belong to a fella offa lot 38 cause the man say don’t call he name and she call Ikey name, that time the child look nothing NOTHING like he.

How you does feel tho wanna make people life miserable cause yours f***ing unhappy talk bout every f***ng person cause even you same people you does talk to does tell me everything bout you but you so irrelevant I don’t acknowledge you. You and a man done but you wanna brag you cud still go by his family house and pull the door and go in cause them like you so why you don’t tell them how you does say how foolish them is?  And while you at it tell them the child ain’t no family to them.

Not by me that cud neva happen them gotta be bac**ts duh real no wonder you just showing them a good face. But noooo you getting hobby cause them raising the jacket for you.

Naked, I does feel for children so that parents don’t check for them my lil nephew does go school with her last child and he does be saying the lil girl can’t talk good and look for better words untidy and the children in the class does laugh at her.  She gotta be four now or about to turn four.

$11.99 iPhone Case
$11.99 iPhone Case

Kimberly, instead four cruise hopping check for your children though and for a woman with two girl children cud really show a better example from man to man to man.  You ain’t feel people sick of you now. Them gine talk behind yuh back but I bringing it to yuh face.  Even men Ikey work wid you had.  That’s why I glad he got a next child.  Think it’s a girl and I hope he don’t let you make he miserable like how you did when he had the other girl you did hate so much but hey everybody know she wasn’t no good either but hey, neither is you.

Mothers like you does irk me for real you barely want the child care board putting on you.  But don’t worry you mouth gine soon so for you sooner than you expect.  Sign an old schoolmate.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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