black man face resized

Mark Steede or Mark Stoppa

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked.  I need Barbados to know about Mark Steede or Mark Stoppa whichever he real name is.  This man is nasty as hell and does walk about looking sweet but mouth stink, **** stink and loves bear young girls and whores.

Naked, he brek self was holding a cruise.  Time to get money.  Mark ain’t got a cent but up on a poster making it get cancel.  He is sleep in Speightstown by this lil girl who now done school and is help pay she mother rent before he go and look for he own place.  Naked, he always stopping at somebody.


He mother dead and he so foolish not even lil rent money he could have put to get a room at she house.  Every night you at a bar flash zone before you go and look for money to give ya children, 5 kids he got and he don’t even look for the last girl, only check for one that I hear ain’t even his.  Z108 say he buy it haha, biggest joke ever.

You need to stop telling lies and grow up.  All the van men is laugh at you up route 11.  Young girls watch ya self, he has nuthing to give but talk with he small *****, *** self.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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