Call "EverReady"....

Ms Lui, Please Call EverReady

LONDON, ENGLAND (Naked Departure) — Naked, I want to write about this sweet, sweet, sweet Asian girl I used to see.  Naked, she was a sweetheart!  Sweet as sweet can be!  She got married and we lost contact but I want her to know I am still in the South in the same area.  Even my number is the same.


Naked, when I used to meet up with this girl, she would leave the door open and a light on in the back room.  Naked, I used to gently push that door open and she’ll be there on the stairs posing off.  Naked, that girl had hundreds of poses and she would just call me, like in a purrrrrr, EverReady…, EverReady…, in her Asian accent and the tiny fingers summoning me to take control.

Naked, I never, and I could fall dead if I lie, but I never made it up those stairs yet for all the years I was seeing my Asian queen.  She was too sweet!   But she went and got married.

Naked, please let her know I am still in the same area and if she ever need EverReady, she could leave the door open…I READY.  I hope her new house has stairs.

Those were the days Naked.  Oh, real niceness you have here.  Enjoying your site on this foggy day here.  Still in the South – Anonymous

Naked Departure (Photo: Internet)

6 thoughts on “Ms Lui, Please Call EverReady”

  1. You soft and pappy but you did the right thing cause that would have made you by-sexual but because of those stairs true to form you remained a straight buller give yourself a pat on the back


  2. THIS ! Photo SHOOT is Extremely HOTTTTTTT ! Bajan Straight Men Would Lick down Paling’s and Fight Like dog’s fa this ! HOTT and SEXY Chick ! Girl ya Can Caused a Tsunami in the Caribbean ! Keep From this Part Of the World fa, ma, bo ! !


  3. SIMPLE ! You need’s to SHOOT ! yourself in the Head ! If You Can’t ! I Can do it For You ! The Woman had to Married a Man ! Because you appears to be a Girl !.What the F _ _ k You expected B ! Or Barba ! Ya Mother Should have named ya !


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