Jungle, Indonesia - January 13, 2015: A man from the Korowaya tribe with a child on his lap, sitting on the bank of the river fishing

Naked Father around my/his Daughter

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — FATHER/DAUGHTER ground rules!  Naked, I can’t say I ever liked it because I never did, but I allowed it and ignored it.  Naked, my child father walks around the house naked.  He has no shame.  Naked, I would see him swinging ‘it’ around and around and them there laughing and he would say it’s his daughter and it’s all in fun.

Naked, my daughter is a big girl.  She is a teenager but she wears 38E bras.  Yes.  38E.


Naked, the other day we were at home and he was there naked as usual and she came in a blop down on his lap.  Naked, the girl ain’t little.  If I was to do that I would get a hard push.  But she, there on his lap and laughing and all innocent, Naked, I can see the innocence in her, but I think her father should know better by now.

But why I writing now is because this time he was aroused.  When she got up, he quickly reached for a pillow and put it in his lap, but I saw the erection.  Naked, I didn’t pretend this time.  And do you know this man still don’t see anything wrong?

What should I do Naked?  He’s the breadwinner and I don’t think he’s molester her, but what can I do to make him see what he is doing is wrong, especially since my daughter is getting big and he’s getting hard?   Anonymous

Naked Departure

11 thoughts on “Naked Father around my/his Daughter”

  1. @Miss London, you are an annoying bih. You come on here to mess up people stories, don’t you have a piece of plastic, you can shove up your old crh? Stop annoying us with your long winded cuntery. No body is around your miserable ass to push you down a flight of stairs or two, ya old cobweb p uy bih. We come here to NAKED DEPARTURE AND WE QUEEN SHERI, FIR WE OWN PEACE. We are hurting, and all people like you do MS London is to mek sport at we, ya old fu****r. TWO TIMES I THOUGHT ABOUT WALKING IN FRONT OF A TRAIN, BECAUSE I WAS BULKED AT HARRISON COLLEGE BY MR JEFFERS. I HATE YOU MS LONDON, LEAVE US ALONE


  2. Was all the cussing and bashing and insults really necessary? The lady wants some advice not to be cussed out you all need to be a bit more mature and rational sometimes. Lady you’re situation is potentially a dangerous and explosive one and it needs to be nipped in the bud like yesterday. Failing to do that would be inviting trouble something you would regret later in life because you had an opportunity to stop it and didn’t What that man is doing I find disgusting and it’s only a matter of time before he takes it. to the next level. For him to become aroused by his own daughter shows a lack of self control and poor parenting skills I’m not saying he has intentions but by now it’s far past humor. From the time that child was out of diapers or long before that he needed to respect her and himself I think it’s poor judgment on both of you and by your own admission about him being the bread winner clearly shows you know what’s coming next it’s a really poor excuse. What ever it is that’s going on in your household you need to put an end to it don’t let your daughter become a static prove ND wrong about a pedophile in every home hopefully it hasn’t yet


  3. That father is a nasty bit***. And you as the mother, the protector of your daughter, continue to let this nasty man Fu*** you and your daughter. You are a disgrace if a mother. Chop his doggy off, before he breeds your daughter. He probably was interfering with your daughter from the time she was a baby


  4. now i dont believe this story cause it sound like something made up, and reason why i say that i dont think that any decent woman would allow her daughter to sit in her father lap naked and a big girl at that, and if the story is true both of you all need to be locked up,you all are scumb,, lower than life it self, the same way you took action when you say that his dicy got hard , you could have taken action from the time he was walking around naked in front the kids, and also from the first time she begin to sit on his naked lap,, you are bit***ch for and of a woman, i think you like to see his dicy swagging bout d place, and you are a prostitute too, cause you want to sit ya as down every day and do nothing and talking bout he is d bread winner, go look for work and support you and ya kids, you are a who***e a slt a bith a prostitute,, this is one of the worst stories that hit here or maybe the worst, if i did know you i would slap you in ya face, and for the man you need to be put down , you need to be killed ,,you are a virus , you can harm that girl whole adult life, you are a nasty pig, a piece of sht, if it was me with my us army training you would have gone missing never to be found, or turn up missing with a big back pack of weed strap to your back, and a shot to the head, you both disgust me, pitty fuc***ers,,, mrs london have fallen


  5. YOU ! don’t think the SICK BITC_H is Molesting her , Well Let Me tell ya , he Is ! All his action’s Spell’s ITT ! Breadwinner Or no Breadwinner the BITC_h Sick ! POISON HIM IF HE REFUSED TO STOP ! You don’t need no Further Proof ! You Want to see the Dog ! Penetrating her for further Proof . GOD Will Provide ! ! ! Stop ! this Dog in Heat Now ! Bajan to the bone 2016 ///////// Bad Man ! 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫


  6. SMH wunna women won’t stop prostituting wunna girl children and all for the sake of money and then calling it love SMH you is a sad case… He s the breadwinner.. You ain’t shame? Sick b@t$#s you all are SMH


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