Foundation School

Pedophiles in Foundation School, Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — TEACHER PEDOPHILES — Naked, something needs to be done about the level of pedophilia/pedophiles in our schools.

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Foundation School, aided and abetted by its drunkard, idiotic principal, stink-breath Robert Cumberbatch (who solicits underage girls in Silver Hill when he thinks no one is looking) is producing them faster than the speed of light.  Speaking of light, Physics teacher Greg Forde, who was just suspended for breeding a student there (the one who fought in front of Oistins Fish Market with his promiscuous 6th child mother) is now able to rape afresh at Providence School.


There he joins a tradition of Foundation paedophiles (like Chris Alleyne) who were able to take their sickness to the private sector. I am sure Lowrey Worrell, Tyrone Harrison, Louis Estwick and Seibert Straughn (all of whom have treated Foundation School girls like their little prostitutes) will join them at Providence soon?  What do you think?    Anonymous

Naked Departure

15 thoughts on “Pedophiles in Foundation School, Barbados”

  1. @ Eyce

    You another one of Seibert Straughn clones. It seems obvious he is guilty as the other teachers whose names have been called. Siebert Straughn look in the mirror and change your dirty ways along with all the alleged pedofiles in Barbados schools both primary and secondary.


  2. I have worked with Siebert for a few years and I will vouch for him too……keep your head up Siebert…keep pressing on with the program and continue to take the school to the top…


    1. When you’re ready to talk about ‘this site’ give your REAL goddamn name so YOU can be INVESTIGATED and so people know who you are. Don’t come around here with your hypocrisy!!!


  3. Who’s this addle brain freak posing as one Jamilah? You think you dealing with children here you can only be an idiot to think you can come and spew all kinds of rhetoric with your fake ass self. Get off the blog and go get a life cause what you’re trying here will not work we can smell fraud from miles away you have no idea who you’re dealing with you be better off writing to pudding and souse or calling Moreen Holder on talk ya talk this is not the place for you you’re fooling no one but yourself. So you can run and go try to defend the undefendable… ya moron!!!!


  4. @ Jami!is

    You are a jackass and probably Seibert Straughn or one of his lackeys/women.

    I didn’t write the article however I know the individual well along with Mr Estwick .

    Are you with Seibert Straughn 24 hrs each day?

    Many women have men who they live with that turn out to be rapists, molesters and in the bigger countries serial killers and are shocked that it was the same person living with them for years yet they never suspected.


  5. I think if any relative boy or girl ever said they were molested by these nasty beasts posing as teachers in the schools, there are grounds for immediate castration of the rapists, since the child care less board, police, office of DPP and Attorney General, none see anything wrong with raping children and using them as sex toys.

    It has be going on for decades on the island, they are celebrating 50 years of victimizing children and those who are unable to fight back.


  6. @ Jamilia

    You must be Seighbert Straughn using an alias, this man is a molester of young school girls for years just like his buddy Michael Worrell alias Abu PE teacher at Combermere and Michael Jules BDF Sports Program all who previously had athletic scholarships in the US.


  7. Providence School seems to be the place for the rejected pedophiles from the Foundation School. Speak to the principle and let him know who he is harboring at his school, that is if he is not a pedophile also.


  8. Ammmmm actuallly all of the above I would say probally are EXCEPT to straughn. Dont forget to add in Kevin Bynoe too. he was a lab assistant brought on by Alleyne and end up breeding a young lady there. Oh and the current lab assistant used to deal with one of the teachers there when she was a student there too. that said nah man not straughn


  9. Barbados need a national sexual offenders registry. The person who wrote this article, please come on Naked Departure Radio. Please contact Sheri Veronica, so we can all have a discussion. Much love.


  10. Barbados celebrating 50 years of Pedophelia in it’s schools.

    Mr. Estwick has been there more than 30 years.


  11. Nasty stinking Seibert Straughn is a disgrace; a former Lodge boy should sent his child molesting ass there along with Michael Jules fraud ass.


    1. although i take it your reply simply was to pivot toward me and squeeze a response, maybe for more views, I’ll take te bait. who de man child molest? i don’t usually vouch for anyone but these half-àss stories about people need to come to an end. how people can be so brave to type a name and say somebody molest a person but cant give the name uh who get molest. straughn, from my knowledge and personal knowledge has always been a very serious man particularly when it came to young ladies respecting themselves. its people like you whi i figure is
      1. who went school there and disappointed hat you int get f and breed by one uh then
      2. probably didnt get a job there and wore a leggins to the interview
      3. your child getting molest by the nextdoor neighbour bt because you getting paid for it you venting on the school
      4. you cant get no children so screw over every one else
      5. youre just naked departure creating an anonymous vomment for my reply… well you got it

      i suspect it’s all of the above. well here is my thing about you, you twist belly cockroach if somebody get molest g and report it after or before it come here ir do as cockroach do as huddle in yuh stinking dark hole and wait till the crumbs hit the floor so yuh could gossip.

      oh and i get molest by you. true? who gives a damn everybody gets molested right?


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