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The ‘Lodge Man’ who killed his dad

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, I can see that Bajans don’t like to believe anything that’s true.  I have your blog, and thank you, as proof!  Naked, THERE IS NOTHING stated on your blog that does NOT represent and happen in Barbados.  NOTHING!  In fact, your blog is very tame and does not go into the very vile nature of Bajans/Barbadians.  I will send you stories, TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH every now and again.

But Bajans are frighten you tell them out!  So the slaves will say ‘it’s a lie’.

Well Naked, let them call this a lie.


Naked, my father beat my mother to death!  You hear me?  To death!  He was a policeman.  He would come home and bull her and make her do things to him and his friend, another policeman fella.  When it got to the point where he was looking at me and my sister, we decided we had to kill him.  Now, see this…my father was never arrested and did not go to jail for killing my mother.  He was not even a ‘suspect’.  This is fourth world you dealing with here Naked, not third world.  In the third world, politicians and the so-called elites go to jail!!  They said my mother had a heart attack, but we knew better.  He did not even let them do an autopsy.  Those people at the hospital were useless and did not ask questions!  Lodge people rule!  And, even if it was a heart attack Naked, it was caused by a broken, broken heart!

Naked, the men here in Barbados are worse than the anti-Christ, the Satan who was thrown out of heaven — the men here are mutants.  I am a man.  I would never allow anyone to disrespect my sister, my children or my wife, and I do likewise in terms of respecting people.  I am a different kind of man because my mother wanted me to be and that meant something!  I am in the Lodge here and will keep you informed.

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But I, the man, was the oldest.  I couldn’t fight him and his friend then, I was afraid at that time.  But when his eyes turned to my little sister, we planned for him.  Naked, to this day they  haven’t found his body.  He was a policeman in Barbados that went missing.  That shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

I feel very comfortable saying this here, Naked, because they can’t and won’t do a thing to us.  Remember, high up’s aka elites in Barbados don’t go to jail!  They can’t do a goddamn thing to we Lodge men!  Anonymous

Naked Departure

14 thoughts on “The ‘Lodge Man’ who killed his dad”

  1. This letter seems as if it were intended to lash out at lodges by trying to make it look like a lodge brother wrote it a man of the cloth is more humble than this fool who wrote this letter.If on the other hand a brother wrote this he proved his self to be no different to the man written about in a previous article featured on this very site last month about the lady Antoinette from the treasury department because the popular obeh man mentioned is also a brother so he is no more worthy than him to be working against brother for imposters and jelous envious women blacksugga2 it is with great pride 133 should be repeated. A brother always build and uplift a brother not tear him down it saddens me to see some of the principles and teachings falling into the wron hands .blacksugga2 if you haven’t seen the article I mentioned go tske a look at it Antoinette Marshall- Gill Treasury Department 10/13/16 she is an ordinary woman trying to work on a brother and thing is she secured the services of a brother she ain’t now start either.


    1. I shall be my brother and sister keeper
      I will never join forces to tear down a brother or sister
      Who is just and traveling the right path
      That brother who do that kinda work
      Has taken the wrong path and sooner or later he will pay dearly
      I have seen it happen time and time again


      1. Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in is like precious ointment upon the gead that ran down upon the beard even Aaron’s beard

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  2. @ DAVE you are a c “more police want disappearing? well i hope you meet up on some in a LODGE and you meet the same fate as the writer father as a matter of fact i hope duh mek yuh ass walk bout and eat outta de gutters


  3. @blaclsugga2, you stand on the square with this idiot? Do you embrace him on the five points of fellowship,what do you whisper in his ear at low breath? Will you help him take the body of the decedent, to the place where the tide ebbs and flows twice, in twenty four hours? How will you enter the master’s chamber, will you walk the Tyler’s sword. So mote it be.


  4. Ok he mean de Lodge School cause no self respecting Lodge person would disclose what this IMPOSTER write here, you my friend is a Jackass and looking fuh fame seek it else where, oh and by the way if you in a Lodge your ass will be dealt with severely


  5. I can see your point about what your sister and you did to your father after what he did to your mother and having an eye on u and your sister. The only thing I do not like is you just being a pompous ass about that people in elite do not go to jail,and about the lodge. If you look at it you was in your own jail u had to let it out , remember the Sin of your father was on you that U kill him I hope your sin pass your children if you have for your sake. Stop being puff up about getting catch you might not get catch for that ,but some little shit might just pull you ass of your high horse. Humble yourself.


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