Slave Patrol

Barbadian POLICE Taught well by their White Masters

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — WHITE SUPREMACY and the 21st CENTURY SLAVE CODE — HAS anyone from the Barbados Police ever bust down a WHITE man’s door in Barbados and entered their abode without invitation?  Has anyone from the Police in Barbados ever pointed a gun at Bizzy’s, Mark Maloney’s or any other white man’s head in Barbados?  Has any member of the Barbados police ever wrapped wire around Peter Harris’ neck?  Why…, why then are these black cops terrorizing poor, black citizens without cause?  Was there a siren sounded that slaves had escaped?  Why are these modern-day SLAVE HUNTERS allowed to treat the people (taxpayers) who PAY their salaries in such reprehensible ways??

People of Barbados, the 21st Century Slave Code is in full effect in Barbados!  Naked Departure


Naked, the corrupt Barbados Police force were taught well by their white slave masters.  Now they are trying to hang the youth.  Anonymous

THE STORY:  A GROUP OF YOUNG MEN from Clifton Hall, St John, are claiming that police burst into their home on Tuesday and beat them without just cause.  One of the men, Dexter Bailey, 29, told the WEEKEND NATION that one officer “cocked” a gun and put it to his head even though he offered no resistance.  As if that was not enough, Bailey said another officer wrapped electrical cord around the heads of him and his friend and threatened to kill them.  Another man, who sat with his mouth swollen, but who chose to remain anonymous, said after hearing police shout “Open here, open here!” he quickly obeyed, only to be greeted with a punch to the face.

Go to Bizzy Williams’ house and should “open here, open here” and tell us here at Naked Departure what would happen!!!


Beaten by Barbados police
Beaten by Barbados police

6 thoughts on “Barbadian POLICE Taught well by their White Masters”

  1. I would understand if you are involved in illegal activities and police have suspected or have to believe .But to come and do all of this its just wrongdoing by police and merit an investigation.Go to police complaints at webbsters park in wildey .


  2. It pains me to read this. The police has a hard job to do but certainly this is not the way to harass and brutalize people and especially in their own homes. It can happen to anyone of us and we would have no recourse but to rely on NAKED DEPARTURE to let the world see what happens. Where is Amnesty International or the UN?


  3. IT’S DISGUSTING ! and a response is in Order ! for brutalising the Brother’s , Stop treating your Brother’s Our Brother’s and Sisters as Cattle Without Just Cause i While the White Man is hailed as Sir ! and the White Woman as Lady , If You treat’s White People the Said Way fine ! treat us that Way also, the White Man ! have Cost Our Race More Harm than all the Black brother’s Put together .BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016 .


  4. Stinking Barbados dirty and corrupt police. The Fraud squad does this electrical wire shit also by some of their bribe taking detectives


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