Bradly Phillips & Andre Gulstone -- Keep away

Bradly Phillips and Andre Gulstone

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) —  BRADLY PHILLIPS and ANDRE GULSTONE — Naked, I want you to warn the whole of Barbados about these two men here.  Talking about dry wall and maintenance.  Man, two of these are the biggest frauds in Barbados.  They rip you off and the finished work is sloppy.


Barbados and the surrounding countries please when you see these two, RUN!!!!  And I mean RUN real fast.  Don’t let these two men catch up to you.  They know how to get in your head and use you.  Don’t be their next victims!

Stay tuned for more updates on these two: Brady Phillips and Andre Gulstone.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

36 thoughts on “Bradly Phillips and Andre Gulstone”

  1. Wanna on Andre case all d time but brad ain’t no different, I know these personally from working at the mall, just that Andre mouth sweeter than Brad one so he usta get all the girls with he stink mout, but Brad ask your self why Tammy use to treat you so? She know how Andre was and she know he use to put you up to a lot of wicked things, when you learn to think for your self you would see how your life will start blooming again, but that girl he got now, now gotta feel it cause he ain’t no good


  2. Man I tell wanna them boys they dutty, me nah lie on no one, them know straight talk me ah bring. But they gine get what fa dem, wait and see.


  3. She ain’t going to reply to you @nothing but the truth, Andre got she good, he does got she walking bout with her tail between her legs, so she ain’t going to reply, I could bet you he didn’t know she came on here and comment. But she is going to get what is coming to her, cause he don’t want her, watch and see them happy times with them will be over soon, and it won’t be she that done with him, he is who gonna done with her. Watch my words don’t drop. Ask he why he don’t put up her pics, lol @ she


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