Gilkes and Hill, Partners in Crime

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked as a prominent business person in Barbados, like you, I feel it is ALSO my role to educate Barbadians.

These two partners in crime Al Gilkes who helped start the Nation newspaper and the Al Hart PR; along with Freddie Hill previously were partners in strip club Rolex bringing in hundreds of illegal Jamaicans females who stripped and prostituted in their strip club.


Whilst this club was in operation, unlike the other strip clubs, it was hardly ever touched in immigration raids and by corrupt police.

This former strip club Rolex was also used as a front for bringing in drugs out of Jamaica and was the launch pad of Reggae on the Hill.

These two are very corrupt with Al Gilkes being the white-collar criminal and Freddie Hill the blue-collar criminal.

Please see story on Barbados today on another one of their crooked Promotions always in cahoots with Digicel who is fleecing Barbadians along with Flow:

“It is costing promoters close to one million dollars to produce the highly anticipated Hennessy Artistry show, which comes off next month and will be held over three days instead of one.”    Anonymous

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Gilkes and Hill, Partners in Crime”

  1. Freddie Hill is a crook, con man and a drug dealer.

    It speaks to All Gilkes character to be aligned as business partners.

    Barbados is corrupt to the bone.


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