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Greg Forde Pedophile Teacher at Foundation School

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GREG FORDE — Naked, I feel real shame about my old school CCFS.  When I was in 4th form that old dog Greg Forde came there to teach.  He was real smooth and we thought he was a buller as he used to size up the boys real good and feel we didn’t know.  But then de freshness start.


He always used to find a way to get me and two of the other girls to stay in his lab late for some stupidness and when you miss the bus want to carry you home.  My mother told me don’t get in no man car and that saved me.  He took a friend of ours home one evening – his home – and try to rape her.  It was raining real hard and we did not get out in time for the bus so when he offer the ride she take it.  I called my uncle so I did not go.

My friend was never the same again always freaking out at school when she saw him.  He told her that Mrs Mayers the deputy will protect him and Bob the principal.  We complained as a group to Bob and he did nothing about it and told us if we keep noise we will not get into 6th form.  Well f**k he – we went somewhere better.

She said he told her he forgot something home and would stop there on the way.  He was living in St. James and she lived in St Thomas.  Next thing she said he was taking really long so she get out the car and went to his door.  He was in there naked asking why she take so long.  She said she was so shock she did not know what to do she was a virgin and did not like Mr Forde that way but he made her s**k him off.  Next thing he was pushing her to his bed.  She could not get away before he put it in her and she screamed so hard he stopped.

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He put her off in the rain at the SOL station on the highway.  She felt bad and did not tell her mummy.  He also gave another girl a bottle of brandy for her birthday and told her she could pour it on him and s**k it off.

This man is a disgrace and all of the teachers know he is no damn good because Ms Sutherland told us to stay out of the lab on evenings.  He started f**ping Ms Moore then he told us that Ms Warner p******y always dripping and smell bad.  Ms Moore did not like any of the science girls because she feel that we had she old bulling boyfriend Mr Forde.

We only want our CXCs not nasty Greg Forde and except for the Head Girl we couldn’t tek he anyway.  Greg Forde got to leave Foundation or dead like nasty Pablo.  He tooo dirty.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

2 thoughts on “Greg Forde Pedophile Teacher at Foundation School”

  1. This is the f*****y going on at my old school which has produced a number of outstanding individuals.

    This principal is a joke and should be removed.

    All these claims should be investigated and prosecuted if factual.

    No wonder the island is a joke children are being exploited in all schools by pedofile adults calling themselves teachers and principals who seem to be working in an organised clan.

    This is what Barbados is celebrating 50 years of bullshit Independence. The black man exploitation of its minor children where the white colonial masters left off 50 years ago.


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