Julia Waithe

Julia Waithe formerly of PBS

BARBADOS (Naked Departure)  — JULIA WAITHE — Naked, I wanted to write to you a long time ago about this nasty, destructive Julia Waithe who got fired from PBS after trying to destroy the reputation of the bosses at PBS.


The thing is Naked, she write about all sort of people on this same Naked but I was giving her time to run out of people to write on.  Just because she got a house by robbing the old man Darrell from CDB and driving his Rav4, she thinks that she is better than everybody.  He left his wife for a nobody!  Ask her who the child father is.  This man know of the wicked thing she has done including selling supplies that PBS sells out of her home to the same PBS clients, including CDB.

$11.99 iPhone Case
$11.99 iPhone Case

This girl is nobody’s friend, she is too wicked and back biting to be your friend.  Others know what I am talking about.  She use to sit and brag about what she had.  But let Darrell know that he is only the sugar daddy and she sleeps with every man under the sun.  She would leave you when your money dries up.

Naked, tell Julia Waithe to write in and tell the story on herself.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

10 thoughts on “Julia Waithe formerly of PBS”

  1. Naked, the story is bullshit. I have known this lady for donkey years and she would give you her last if she considers you her friend. Straightforward but one of the nicest people you could ever know once you get to know her. Check yourself before writing about people


  2. I could bet a woman write this. Each and every time you guys see a woman with a house or car better than yours she foop for it. Get up off of your ass and get what you want, and stop including people children in your drama.


  3. some people have a f’g nerve.. this woman has an honest business making an honest living. she is someone who is ambitious with a kind heart. she like any other woman will have enemies and I can proudly say that THE HATERS WILL NOT STOP HER SUCCESS. she is not on the streets like some of you idiots. and what the fk her private life has to do with this non sensible jackass from PBS her life to live it seems to me that your heart aces you to be in Julia’s shoes. AND LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT SHE KNOWS WHO THE FK HER BEAUTIFUL WELL EDUCATED DAUGHTER’S FATHER IS. APPARENTLY THIS HOE HERE HAS A CHILDREN OR A FARM OF YOUNG PIGS WHO NEEDS DNA TEST TO SOURCE A FATHER.
    Julia has plenty friends and if you had a friend like her b you would be better off. find some employment or better yet ask Julia to hire your desolate .
    if some of wunna at PBS really knew her, you would know she is a very sweet person, none of us are perfect so study it. when the stupid writer can look herself in the mirror and say he or she is perfect then you have the go ahead to Judge People


    1. I agree with you these damn haters they see you with things don’t know how you get them and speculate that girl is a nice person so and as for you the writer before you can talk bout other ppl check yaself go and get a house and a car and a man that is yours when you get them things come back Blasted foolish idiot you lucky I don’t curse


    2. She is my friend till de end so too you the johnnie from PBS clean your mucky windows first before you think about hers foolish monkey c


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