Kerry Maynard a/k/a Kerry Dan - Gigolo

Kerry Maynard a/k/a Kerry Dan, J16

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — KERRY MAYNARD — Hi Naked, this piece of man here is Kerry Maynard better known as Kerry Dan.   Now Naked, Kerry Dan is 35-years-old and likes to mess with old women…for him the older the better so long as the women have good paying jobs, a home and a nice car.

Naked, he likes the finer things in life but he can’t afford them so he preys on respectable older women moves in and takes charge.  He believes his charm and di**** are his tools to getting him through the door.  He has no fixed place of abode as he moves himself and his clothes from house to house in his white sports Honda (J16).  As long as the house big, got air-conditioner, washer and dryer he set for life.


His latest victim is an American white woman he just move in at up Atlantic Shores.  He move straight in at this American after moving out of another woman’s house where he was living before but still f***ing other women on the side (including this American woman).

Now Naked, Kerry Dan believes this white chick will be his ticket to move to the United States and start a new life since she is employed at the US Embassy.  He believes his charm will make up for what he is lacking in financial standing….

Naked that poor, unassuming, white chick getting played and she doesn’t even know it.  She about to find out the meaning of “come see muh and come live wi muh ain’t the same.”  He likes to hit women when he can’t get his way.  More to come on this nasty dog……  Anonymous

Naked Departure

5 thoughts on “Kerry Maynard a/k/a Kerry Dan, J16”

  1. Women need to stop blaming the men, women are too fast, when will women learn that every skin teeth is not a laugh. Stop being so blasted dumb and as soon as wunna see what you all assume as a nice looking man wid a car wunna open wunna legs for them. Learn to stop letting the men use abuse and kicking wunna to de curb. I am quite sure this man ain’t put no gun to no one’s head and move in their house, he can’t get their money unless you all give it to him, Stop laying blame and accept accountability for your own f–k up acctions. I am a woman of 60 plus years and no man has ever played me or will ever be able to play me, I have always known my worth.


  2. Ok den a real Dan gorgan anyway big man if you like hitting women before you best the American watch the TV series forensic files you’ll have an idea of what happens to men like you that big doggy will not stand up in court (pun intended )lololol murdaa


    1. She ain’t lying, he saw me on my cousin Facebook page and saw me at my work place and knew so much about me when he contacted and I font know the man, so I told him off and blocked him.


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