Stacia Edey

Stacia Edey of Massy Stores

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — STACIA EDEY — Dear Naked, there is this girl call Stacia Edey that works at Massy, Six Roads that can’t keep she self quiet.  She now up and giving it away to she supervisor Mr. Adams who was only there working for a year and she feeling sweet cause she think she got a man in a certain position.


Little does she know that he does hit a woman at every Massy store he working at.  He dealing with Kim from Sunset Crest and he got a girl child from Lisa at Warrens and Lisa does still open she self for him although he can’t put down no child money cause he break like a dog.

So Miss Stacia, you and all of them have to hold a back seat cause he still crazy over he children mother that he had forever and don’t care how much she put he out, he still crawling back cause she got what wanna don’t have and can’t afford.

The bosses onto wanna and he can’t offer you nothing.  So carry your f*t a** long and stop stashing the weed at home and look after your sick father before the law catch up with you.

Management watching you.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

3 thoughts on “Stacia Edey of Massy Stores”

  1. Stacia like both man and woman ,she live with her man name Brian Bentham who has a funeral home .Brain love her cause she does bring the woman home so both of them can get F**P them but I feel this person vex cause them can’t get to steal massay things like them used to steal knight things,cause stacia is the only one that had stop stealing


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