Bill of Sale Issues/Problems in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — BILL OF SALE — Naked, can someone assist me by stating how long after completing a loan is a reasonable time to receive a bill of sale ? Four months after completing payment for a vehicle at COB Credit Union I am yet to receive documentation that I have finished paying for the vehicle.


A member of COB had completed payment for land and decided after some time to sell it. The search during the sale showed that the person still owed COB money luckily they had had a loan from a bank to pay off COB previously and were able to prove that the land was totally free of all debts.

Bill of sales are indeed important to show proof of ownership.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Bill of Sale Issues/Problems in Barbados”

  1. I DONT PLAY WHEN IT COME TO MONEY DOES GOTTA WORK TOO HARD BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD THAT DRAFTED AND HANDED OVER TO YOU ALREADY are you that easy a push over that you cant open your mouth and get on like you mek yuhself sometimes yuh gotta do just that so people wont think you playing


  2. COB ! ! ! Appeared to be Running a Massive FRAUD Operation in Barbados , With Eased ! because this Fraud includes the Big Boy’s ! If this Was Only Junior Staff the POLICE Would have been Called INN Long time ago ! Corrupt Mark White Of the Fraud Squad ! Person’s With Loan’s and Paid Off Loan’s need’s to Go to COB On Monday and Look in to their business before late , I paid Off a Car Loan and got the bill of Sale the Same time from a Commercial Bank . BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! 2016


  3. COB is in the news again with their dishonesty. Still no investigations into what is assumed to be a reputable CU. Where is the Advocate News, BU, the Nation News and the dishonest Lawyers?


  4. Bill of sale? You better do a title search at the land registry and see if that person who sold you land was even the owner or had right to sell in the first place, Make sure that person have “Clear Title “to the land, With that done and said check the Land Tax to see if the seller name match the TAX Bill and all taxes to that point is paid,
    If you were making payments the Best Payment was the last Payment,
    If by check would be nice , On that “BACK” of that check and in note “FRONT”on the front , Last Payment End of All Obligations,
    Once cashed then you are paid in Full , The seller agreed,
    Most people in Barbados never live long enough to pay off land, Most land are sold in Lawyers office where the lawyer holds the deed but never records the deed in the land registry looking to sell that land over and over again , Also Make sure when buying land in Barbados you also have Permission to build, Before you start to build from the seller, In case you default on the loan what even on the land becomes the land owner and they will look to sell again ,
    Look out for the lawyer you are using if any , for if the lawyer likes your land his /Her eyes will look for ways to confuse you and the land may end up under new ownership of that same lawyer,
    Just for your Information ,
    We hold the Plantation Deeds for most of Barbados and we know the crimes being done today , NHC and UDC are both laundering land and can not give the buyers CLEAR TITLE, ,, most will use the words GOOD TITLE , if you hear these words then you know you are dealing with fraud,
    1620,1720,18201920 all records are their to find , No records after 1920 as the Massive Land Fraud by MIa and Owen got going in 1986 and got kicked in to Gear under AG Mia PM Owen and Sir COW and Sir Cheltenham crooks liars and scumbags of Barbados, This is the reason there is no growth and down grades in Barbados and IMF and IDB can not help in Barbados with out Clear Title to land,
    We hope all is well in your case,


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