Fight in Bus Terminal

Bus Terminal Fight, Barbados – Video

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — VIDEO — Fight in bus terminal in Barbados.  Naked Departure


11 thoughts on “Bus Terminal Fight, Barbados – Video”

  1. before wunna start defending that cow please find out about him first,ah bet wunna aint know he expose heself in a woman car when she was giving him a ride,mek the woman run out she own car,he a sick fuck,an he knock the man food out he hand in the terminal an aint even look back or say sorry ,try an get the facts before wunna start defendin others,always two sides to a story


  2. i glad he aint stand up and take all them licks with out defending his self, he fight back and i like that, but lord accoring to bajan to the bone, where is a gun when u really need one? send them to their maker


  3. TWO ! to One is Murder ! But SIX to One have to be Murderrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! This LONE SOLDIER ! Should have been Packing a .45 ! Or .357 Magnum and Send the attacker’s to they Maker ! With Plenty Holes about their bodies ! Should not go Unpunished ! take them One by One ! Head Shot’s Please ! Always Shut down the Computer and the rest Of the body is disabled .BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! !2016 Bad Man .


    1. Head shots plz nah running that mout nah if ya in know wa going on keep ys quite chief Lil ass he should b lucky d men in had d guns caws he f round d hole nite I see d hole sense so shut ya like mouth


  4. For all of my existence I thought sub-human was what you saw on star trek and Xmen didn’t know I was living among them. Wonder when the Barbados experiment will end cause it seems like it has mutated


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