Cathy-Ann Hinds and Carol-Ann Clarke

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CATHY-ANN HINDS and CAROL-ANN CLARKE.   Naked, good morning.  Naked, I was here before but this is an update on these two nuisances.  Naked, the big one who is the man in the relationship that think she d***ie bigger than my brothers is a trouble maker.  I don’t know why for thy kingdom come she would not leave me alone.  I don’t know what I got for the pop down wh***e.   People like she, although trying to make a living selling dusty, bleach-out-sun clothes from under a kiss-me-ass tent long side of the road, should not want to rumble with me.


And Naked, as for the p***y b***h she got one Ann for short that think she bad because de man she holding onto that in want she stupid ass that mek she turn lesbian after all de horns he pelt in she ass one Owlie de puss**st would not stop picking up fire rage for she stinking abomination lover.  I’m not afraid of none of the two of wunna po**ie lickers.  Just now I will get rid of that tent and I hope both of wunna under it.  You black c**k-teeth wh***e Ann or Anna what de hell yah name instead of interfering with me and my f****ing sister you should watch yah man and de police woman he got yah c****t.  That’s what you is tah worry bout.  That drive yah tah eat va****na.  As regardless as to the mock di****ie man yah got, big, fat, ugly, unshaped dead I’m waiting on you patiently, I got a lash for yah f*t ***.  Yah in gine know what hit yah c***t.  Thanks Naked.  I feel better now.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

6 thoughts on “Cathy-Ann Hinds and Carol-Ann Clarke”

  1. Well well so the royal couple has the show again. WICKING b’s leave de girl sister or face de tent with the dusty clothes burning down


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