Mary Thompson

Domestic Violence and Sexual Deviance NORMAL in Barbados

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — CELEBRATING 50 years of child abuse in Barbados.  Mary Thompson, a forensic nurse examiner and counsellor of victims of domestic violence in Barbados, says the problem has become so endemic that society is accepting it as a normal way of life.  This acceptance can only be had by a people not fully realized as HUMAN BEINGS (sub humans).  For a fully realized human person, living in a modern society, raping children and violent abuse of women would not be accepted as normal behavior!  The acceptance of such as ‘normal’ is NOT NORMAL.


YOU cannot enslave or abuse a Human Being for any significant and/or prolonged periods!  This is something that needs to be taught (drum it into the heads) to young people in Barbados.

The problem of INCEST and PEDOPHILES was also highlighted, as these sub-human issues are also rampant and normal in Barbados.

“Boys are not being spared the abuse either, Thompson claimed.  “Our sexual practices have so changed that we have a number of boys being propositioned by older women, men and even by younger girls.”

Why sit up on a stage and lie Mary?  The sexual practices in Barbados have not changed.  The only change is technology, i.e., smart phones and the internet.

Barbados is celebrating 50 years of DEVIANCE.  Barbadians tried to out-slave, to trump…– Barbadians (the New White Man) tried to beat the white man at his own game and in so doing, (black) Barbadians have regressed.

What you have now is a Mother-Sally Barbados.  The ass might be fake, but the wukup, the hypocrisy, the incest, the pedophile, the lewdness, the fatherless homes, the unwed mothers, the fear, the hopelessness — all the ingredients to make a slave are still alive and available in Barbados.  It’s still a functioning lab.

BARBADOS is celebrating 50 years of FAILURE.  The 5% white population have nothing to fear.

Naked Departure  (Photo by Ricardo Leacock)

Click HERE for links on pedophiles and HERE for links on incest.  Educate yourself on the damage being done to children, who one day will grow into adults.

3 thoughts on “Domestic Violence and Sexual Deviance NORMAL in Barbados”

  1. IT’S ! because Barbados have become Sodom and Gomorrah or Modern Way in this HELL On Earth nothing is Wrong anymore ! The Leadership have Set the Path way to Hell , the rest of the County just Followed , except this Bad Man here !


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