Samaria Share of the Bus Terminal

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SAMARIA SHARE.  Morning Naked.  This one doesn’t need no picture cause everybody knows this brawling person that works in the bus terminal for Miss Forde that made the woman put in cameras because of her sticky fingers.  This big, greasy dog has to walk with a towel all the time cause that wash cloth too small to wipe she greasy self.  Me and she were friends and she lick my name coming and going and every time she saw me she shouting me but this is what I want to tell she.


Go and mind the lil buller boy she dealing with one Jonathan Jules the Lucian that is here illegal; she better pray he don’t get send back cause the eggs he selling she ain’t going to get no more money than the guard man she got and man that works in construction.  She does some selling, got three fatherless children, put them on that black boy from Bridge Gap, Sam, but everybody knows how she collecting money from about seven men for them.

The first boy he between Jason and Junior along with mock daddy Sam.  Then the second boy he got two: the Vincy from St John name Jamal and mock daddy Sam.  He is the only one that ain’t name Denny cause the man would want to know why he ain’t an Agard.  Then the lil girl is the big one but don’t worry she has a funny eye so I know she got to look like she father cause mock daddy ain’t have no twitch eye.

This wotlass b***h knows everybody business and hers nasty.  She won’t learn to clean the lil pen she lives in the yard got the Lucian boy cleaning the yard all the time this nasty woman the time she takes to go by the school and stand up and talk people name she should pay more attention to that big boy who pass for the school in St James.  The teachers glad he gone long can’t get him control.  She even had to carry he to the probation office.  Big nuisance can’t even get a ten-year-old handle but when she does everything in front of them what you think?  The second boy loves to put his hand under the lil girls clothes at school and the lil girl mouth want washing out with soap.

All three children want help but that does happen when you sit down all day long and mind people business an yours want cleaning up.  Girl, you need washing.  Go to church and have the Lord to change your ways yah getting older and still getting on like a child.  Then want to give people the feeling you don’t trouble nobody and that pop guts sister she got with the horse mouth for a big woman should talk to you instead of encouraging you.  But you know what?  All two of you is the same.

Samaria Share, change your ways cause that lil booth you working in somebody will pass and throw something on you for your wicked ways.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

14 thoughts on “Samaria Share of the Bus Terminal”

  1. I looking for a part 3to this sad story since these so in love with this woman this looks like pure jealousy to me n it seems the participants will never be over this woman she must have something they want or need just saying why do ppl go so low to disrespect children it seems that’s the only way they tend to feel good My dear raise your children to the best of your ability n forget these ppl or person I don’t know u but seems u are a huge throne in their or person crown plz break they heart by taking great care of your children


  2. she learning from all ya all if ppl like wanna had proper jobs like washing wanna properly wanna won’t be on here trying to make the woman look bad and the woman left the man ya wanted so bad ya get him and still studing the womcuan and she left so long ago women get a hold of wanna self before DENNY make ya’ll go mad study ya self cause who u think writing bout u aint writing its ya neighbour n good friend stop spoiling the woman children names cause those children i know aren’t what ya all telling ppl i wonder what ya all children like especially the instigator who work in the terminal as a guard ya bandict if i was her i would come here n un real u n ya bandicts for children files n the other one that love to write ain’t no better cause she throwing shades n she life real shady i can tell u she should be glad someone claim she last cause all them is ruffle sheets that get tampered with so stop harassing the woman and act ya age n don’t forget the bill from swagga kids ya owe from years ago when ya done pay them go n get some rope from carters n tie it round ya neck n hang yaself ya demon u should be shame thank GOD YA GRAND MOTHERS DEAD SO U CAN INHERIT A HOUSE CAUSE U FORGET DRAWING UP AT YA MOTHER N YA CLOTHES IN BIG BLACK GARBAGE BAGS U WASN’T SELLING ENOUGH TO ACHIEVE NOTHING FROM SELLING U FORGET N LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE OLD PAINT ON EYEBROWS DRAG QUEEN WANNA BE U TIRED THIEF N SELL BK ALL THE CLOTHES N JEWELLERY AND HAIR AND YOUR DAUGHTER CAN’T PUT DOWN A CENT IF SHE TIE IT ON SHE PANTIES U GETTING IT OFF CAUSE YOU REAL GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO THIEF THIEF THIEF N MORE THIEF TAKE SOME THE MONEY YA ALWAYS SHOWING BOUT AND SHOPPING WITH N AND PAY YOUR WATER BILL N U WON’T GOT TO RUN THE HOSE FROM OVER BY YOUR MOTHER TO GET WATER (GUARD WOMAN)MS SPRINGER

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  3. We’ll it seems dat d followers just as stupid as d person mention in d article but u no what stupid ppl usually follow one another when one body can’t tell d other one dey wrong dat is why we hav so much young ppl getttin killed to much followers an no leaders so to May be all of u all d in d same boat doin just what Blessed n Beautiful is doin makin herself a big a hole

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    1. Pot calling kettle black u should be shame to talk down on ppl I’m your neighbor n I can give your life story striptease n all this has been going on sometime now I know for sure u trouble this woman n brag about it all the time I guess u need another dose of licks from her like 2012 only thing she should of scar u n give u something to .remember her by remember I know what u did all your life


  4. All I have to say to you or you’ll :psalm 27-The Lord is my salvation, of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon and eat my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though a host should emcampeth against me, in this will I be confident. Amen


  5. As peter tosh say if u liv in a glass house u don’t throw stones when u hav buisness out u keep out of ppl affairs ppl does only interfere with u when u trouble dem so if I like to do tings well ppl will do back tings to u plain bajan


  6. SHE have to be a CELEBRITY by Now ! Why Keep Picking Fight’s With this Lady ! And POLITICIAN’S doing as their Pleased ! Leave OUTT! the Soft Target’s !


      1. u forget u was one she robbed n couldn’t get over yourself n used to follow her bout when she dump u cause u did like getting rob thats y the man she had after u throw a stick lash in ya ass cause it was a sweet rob u couldn’t get over that u start scandling her name i am your friend n up to now the woman dont check for u n u still sending messages by me for her but she say blanck page she aint even wanna remember u the big ST as a man ya want blinding or tampons u let me down fa real joining this shit talking cutery bout a woman u still hooked on after so much years she left u GROW UP N ACT YA AGE N NOT YA SHOE SIZE LIL boy!!!!!!


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