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Shaquille Hinkson had a hit on his life

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — SHAQUILLE HINKSON — Naked, Hinkson of Fairfield, St. Michael, was shot in his stomach this morning.  Naked, three weeks ago he had a conflict with Theodore Cumberbatch and it was a big plan to gun him down.  Cow Shawn knows the shooter very well.  He knows it’s Theodore (Theodore works for MMG and Gate 9, that’s a gang Naked) and his crew that were masked up.  Cow Shawn is the leader of Hollywood Gang.

Watch wanna self at the Indian shop in 3rd Ave Grazettes.  Remember War Piggie father got beat there from a certain group.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

ebay-beauty-cosmeticsTHE STORY:  THE MAN WHO was fatally shot this morning has been identified as 33-year-old Jessy David Moore of Free Hill, Black Rock, St Michael. Two other Black Rock men were also injured in the incident which occurred around 2:26 a.m. at Plum Tree Road, St Stephen’s, Black Rock. They are 31-year-old Torian Devere Gibson of Straker Road and 20-year-old Shaquille Hinkson of Fairfield Black Rock. They were all rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by private car and Moore was pronounced dead on arrival. Hinkson and Gibson are receiving medical attention.

9 thoughts on “Shaquille Hinkson had a hit on his life”

  1. Cow Shawn is ah big baby n feel he is ah f boss r gangsta he is also a snipper n police informer so he boys shall b very careful doing business with him he will set u all like how he does it with d rest already I feel cow Shawn wants getting rid off so watch ya back cause u r ah b not ah gangsta boss so study it n keep ya mouth shutt baby cow Shawn sympathy done fa u


  2. Alistair Murray ! ! !

    Agreed to a Point my friend , the Problem tho is it doesn’t matter’s if the brother is Lost or with the Flock ! they’re still brother’s , Remember the Bible Story with the Lost Sheep ! The Farmer Leave the 99 Sheep unattended and Went in Search for the ONE that Runaway ,, the Lost Sheep ! It was found and brought back to the herd !that’s the Problem here with the Black Race , All the Lost Sheep need’s to be Rounded Up and brought back to it’s herd . these Sheep have Lost away of direction and Must be Found and returned to the Flock ! at all Cost , the above photo is what happens With run away Sheep ! Eventually the Flock would be Completely depleted , because the Other Sheep Would believed it’s OK to runaway ! and be met with the same fate . BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! !2016 Bad Man .


  3. @Bajan to the bone, what brothers and sisters you talking about? These subhumans lack the capacity to love, or to be loved. These lawless, ignorant misfits continue to pervert innocence, and no gallows rope will ever fit their miserable necks. So, the next best thing for these “Simple minded darkies,” is their gang banger BS. The moment one of these gang bangers kill a European, it’s back to the PLANTATION for these useless, shiftless niggers and their families.


  4. Oh no crime is down the says the commissioner…. after he heap ALL crime together and divide by 12. We all know you cant define crime like that…. You cant put carrot theft in a bucket with gun crime and rate them all as crime.


  5. Please do not bother the Prime Minister or the Attorney-General , with these almost daily killings and other gun crimes. They have their hand full organising the stage for Rihanna , and unveiling the statur at the Garsun.


  6. ITT ON ! Wright , You all Keep killing the Wrong Enemy all the time , and Fighting the Wrong Enemy also , Your brother’s or Sister’s are not your Enemies , Have they STOLEN Your Land , Or the Ones that have you Currently in Slavery ,that’s Why you’re doing Exactly this ,Murdering One another , Until We free Our Selves Of Mental Slavery We Would never be Free .BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! ! !2016


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