Photo by Sandy Pitt

Valery/Grotto High Rise Theft, Illegal and Waste

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE AUDITOR’S REPORT proves that the high-rise apartment buildings at Valery and Grotto were ill-conceived, a debt to taxpayers, money in politician(s) pockets and do not represent Barbados’s tropical landscape.  It is obvious that the project was done to line certain pockets.  Hence, the Auditor General, Leigh Trotman’s report, should not surprise anyone.

“In a 32-page report, Auditor General Leigh Trotman lambasted the NHC for not carrying out the necessary financial and technical review on both St Michael housing projects, advising that the NHC had broken the law by using financing from a specific fund to pay the contractor for the Valery project when it had no money to do so.”

‘The Contractor’=The white man you mean?  Where did they steal the money from?  Who has the money?  And who will go to JAIL for breaking the law?  Will the non crime fighting attorney general get involved with this and prosecute the offenders of the law.  Will he send any WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL to jail before he leaves office?

And after all this, they remain empty!  Naked Departure (Photo: Sandy Pitt)


6 thoughts on “Valery/Grotto High Rise Theft, Illegal and Waste”

  1. Alex what has become of your CUP? Isn’t there anything of value you can add to a simple discourse? You’re nothing more than a whimp posing as someone with a vision I can see right through you like you were made of cling wrap. For the last year or so you’ve been on saying the same old crap time and time again it’s about time to shut the hell up and create some space for someone with a more meaningful contribution .Stuck records annoy me I’m old school


  2. THE CORRUPTION ! is so stink in Barbados , its Smell’s all the way to HELL ! if this was Committed by someone from the Pine or Chapman Lane , they would be Paraded in the Media, but the dog’s, the thieves that Stolen this Loot ,the tax Payer’s of this Country Hard earned Money are allowed to Walk and drive about Barbados , Untouched ! Without Gun Shot’s , While Our Stupid Criminal’s Robbing Regular Barbadians , and not the real Mafia Crook’s in Government ! Name the People that Carry away Our Money please , Someone .BAJAN to the bone ! ! ! ! !2016 .


  3. This is a dirty national disgrace and Sinckler aided by the PM along with Mark Maloney has left the Bajan tax payers out $25 plus Million. Way back when the MoF suggested that money was in a fund sitting there I figured he had to find a way get his hands on that money. Hence suggestions are abounding that Maloney and by extension Bjerkham became the middle men for that money going into the wrong pockets. These men are incredibly shameless

    Lashley, sick Lowe, Kellman the PM and a few others are despicable sub humans. It is also not surprising that Byer is allowing herself to be suckered into being the mouthpiece for much of their illegal activities/doings for her party. For party loyalty even she should speak up and not allow herself to be used this way. What, just to retain her place among the dishonest. Figured she had more integrity than that.


  4. These buildings are built near election time to give a false hood that thing are getting better and that they will have jobs after elections, its noting more than land fraud, tax fraud and early vote buying ,
    The DBLP are up to the same old tricks that the media hide when we get near the last year before election maybe called,


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