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BDF Soldier James Munroe

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JAMES MUNROE — Naked, I want to share something personal so that women out there could be real careful of this lying bastard.  Now Naked, I useta talk to this soldier James Munroe.  Naked, you know Beres Hammond song them sweet lies the kind that you don’t want to believe it and wanuh know the rest of the song.


Naked, he was sooooo sweet at 1st you know as a man does be in the beginning sleeping by me and the full works.  Now after a while Naked, I find out he was married to Andrea so I confront him about it and I know the lies.  Crap all over again.  He talking bout them going through a divorce.  And you know I believe he.  But Naked, let me tell you about the STD I catch from he cause I wasn’t the only person he was having sex with.

However, Naked, he introduce me to his friend Forde who would take yuh blood and give yuh medication.  Then I hear he was running bout with a girl from Haynesville and she pregnant or got he child now and I was recently inform he got a boney, bad-looking girl who’s working at BDF too name Valanta King.

Women, he ain’t easy and he still messing around his wife.  Alllllll wanuh shud go get STD check cause he good sickly.  I ain’t the only person he infected so check wanuh self.  Dirty, lying, bastard like you.  People does talk that BDF men does talk nuff but if not for them talking I wouldn’t know he was married or had other people.  Even cadet girls he had smfh he ain’t easy with his STD self.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

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10 thoughts on “BDF Soldier James Munroe”

  1. y wud I ball out sumone if I kno I gine be tlkin bout miself too…Small minded ppl wud gt n believe it all n want bad rlk de soldiers but wud nt luk de fact dat who wrote dis gt it too…smh


  2. Who in these times does want them muh and especially muroe wa he ain’t even got two balls from that alone wudda turn yuh off stupse


  3. What’s an STD? Is it a new line of clothing or some sort of remi? Cause a lot of women come here with it so it seems to be quite fashionable all these women come here with STD and act like it’s the in thing to have. So I’m guessing it’s a really cool thing to have gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and hiv wunna women just loving it just so. I’ll say it one more time Bajan women are the easiest women to bed a smile a gold teet a car two lil chains round ya neck or imitation brand and all the girls are yours smh


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