Bad Hairdress on Bibbys Lane

Hairdresser on 3rd Avenue and Bibbys Lane

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, tell the people if they want their hair done not to go to Maria of 3rd Ave Bibbys Lane.  She lives right by the bus stop in a house that is leaking.  Naked, worse hairdresser ever!


Naked, to add to it she over-charges and can’t do hair and if she did my daughter hair the Sunday, I got to undo it by the Monday.  I never send she back there.  She should have a proper place to do hair cause there is not sanitary and looks like Sanford junk yard.  That’s why I stop sending my daughter.

People, everybody that got a cook shop can’t cook and everyone who says that they can do hair can’t.  Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Hairdresser on 3rd Avenue and Bibbys Lane”

  1. This sounds like the same mischievous jackass, who wrote about Deborah and the thief in Bibby Lane. Girl go and find a man to keep you busy.


  2. so to this jackass that post this shiteeeee. wait if you know she can’t do hair, SHE IS OVER CHARGE and the house is sooooo STINK WHY IN HEAVEN YOU SENT YOUR CHILD THERE.


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