Irvin Harris, Pedophile Teacher in Barbados

Irvin Harris, the Ellerslie School Teacher Pedophile

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — IRVIN HARRIS, pedophile teacher.  Naked, Barbados turned and continues to turn a blind eye to rape and pedophilia.

As a student at Ellerslie Secondary School, many young men were sexually abused in the 70s, at the hands of Mr. Irvin Harris, and those who knew what this “SERIAL PEDOPHILE” was doing, turned their heads from Mr. Harris’ wicked deeds.

Many of those young men from the 70s are now grown men, fathers and grandfathers, I wonder how dysfunctional some of them turned out to be? Barbadian society will turn their faces, as long as they are not the ones impacted.  A child has the right to go to school in a safe, humane and comfortable learning environment.  To be betrayed by all facets of society is despicable and really subhuman….


Irvin Harris nickname “Harpoon,” is a serial rapist.  His rapacious way over many decades, damaged many young schoolboys at Ellerslie Secondary and throughout Barbados.  This pervert/pedophile even went to other Caribbean Islands and molested young boys there.  But if you were to ask people who went to Ellerslie our taught there in the 70 and 80s, they would act like they did not know that this man is a pervert.

Those who allowed children to be groped and molested like I was, are as culpable as the pedophile Irvin “Harpoon” Harris.  Shame on those who turned their heads when we as young boys were being molested and groped.   Victor Callender

Naked Departure

Irvin Harris, Pedophile Teacher in Barbados
Irvin Harris, Pedophile Teacher in Barbados – STOLEN INNOCENCE

3 thoughts on “Irvin Harris, the Ellerslie School Teacher Pedophile”

  1. Right on victor. The Brother of the Minister of Education is a pedophile also and the Minister will not touch him because he is in the same boat. They are all nasty and perverted and have no right around our children for on reason .


  2. Yes this man want burning alive . What a lot of you don’t know he took his nasty bulling self to James Street Methodist church where he was choir master for (get this) the junior choir. I’m sure the hiarchy in the church had to know of his pedophile sodomy sadistic satanic ways and did nothing


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