Karine Biscette

Karine Masheda Biscette from Bonwell, St. Joseph

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good morning Naked.  I want you to expose this woman Karine Masheda Biscette from Bonwell, St. Joseph for what she really is.  Naked, she could study everybody business but hers and the old gutter rat love to talk bout all the people that she work in Cave Shepherd wid.  She does cant wait to get home to tell ya how much dem does upset she stomach.  Now she know everything bout everybody but don’t know how to keep she foot shut.  Every time ya turn round she breeding again.  Thing is the children aint even coming out bright.  All uh dem like a house that get the power cut off.  She got bout 5 of them by now if not more. She need to stop minding people business and concentrate pun she children.  She is the best tailor in town cuz she ‘child fadda’ wearing a ready made jacket. This is one fuh Maury. YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!!!  She had a man from out hey that when de nights come she don’t let he di***y rest and everybody from up hey know that he got the virus…..and Naked I don’t mean the flu.


Naked, all dem children she got and she don’t even look at them properly.  Fore she send de children to a school close to she …she does send dem to some school in St. Matthias. Naked de times dem does leff up hey I know dem children cant be getting school early pun a morning. Karine you are the worst.  Stop breeding and trying to mek out a football squad and deal wid ya children more better.  Ya better go and get tested too cuz ya does talk too much and everybody know how much ya does beat it bareback.

Anyways Naked, post this as annoymus fore she pelt big rocks at my place.  More to come!  Anonymous (verbatim)

Naked Departure

9 thoughts on “Karine Masheda Biscette from Bonwell, St. Joseph”

  1. That young lady u are talking about is one of the nicest person I ever knew u are wicked and u will die a nasty death for telling si much lies on sweet soul marine


  2. I will help her legally I know the hands that type and the others we will make it public from police back down👌nation news and also the courts we have ppl in very high places remember you have family that doing illegal things pray that the police don’t come digging up your home also


  3. The person that wrote this needs Jesus.. I’m sure your no better than her leave the kids out…and mind wunna dirty , pop down selves do smh…wunna really have nothing in this world to do other than mind ppl business..clean u all Windows first… My friend hold your head high..Christ is the answer


  4. Why would you try to make this young lady loose her job by say things about her and where she works if there’s one thing I know for fact is that she takes care of her kids and spends every cent she have on them she children father want putting in court i wouldn’t doubt that this is the woman that the said child father got that wrote this but i’m going to give her some advise n what steps to take with you because people like you so want locking up for wanna lied mouths this girl does take care of her children


  5. People so evil, and to post about the children. You are the one that need to mind your own business. How dear you talk about children like that. Shame on you.


    1. That is not nice and may God have mercy on that woman that put this on naked departure because if you have a man and children to look out for you would not be putting things about that poor girl on here but you know what.What goes around comes around my the good Lord Jesus Christ for give you


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