Deborah Burke of Massy Stores

Massy Bananas being Injected and Thief in Bibbys Lane

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, Deborah Burke of Massy Store Warrens in the bakery was overheard telling customers don’t buy the fruits where the supermarket sells fruits especially the bananas because those are the ones being injected and to buy them elsewhere.  The fruits are the imported ones.

Ain’t she one of the best workers?  She should get promoted for saving lives and not letting customers buy the fruits the stores are selling.


Now Exchange and Bibbys Lane beware, a thief is on the loose.  Shaquan Wilkinson.  How we know of this?  Deborah Burke.  She was in her basement, came up and saw him in the kitchen ready to thief.  All she could do was scream and call police.  But it still has her shaken up.  Can’t go to the mother at KFC Warrens, the supervisor, she tells him nothing.  Not the first time either, he is always thieving.  He even stole Deborah’s daughter’s bicycle already.  People in Exchange and Bibbys Lane frighten for him.   Anonymous

Naked Departure

4 thoughts on “Massy Bananas being Injected and Thief in Bibbys Lane”

  1. And you are supposed to be a friend of Deborah? Look how you set out to get this girl fired from her job at MASSY, like the One-eye brow girl.
    Do you think that management of a retail store will take kindly to one of its employees, undermining its effort to sell goods, which help to pay her salary.
    Some of us need to put our brain in gear, before engaging keyboard.


  2. Bibbies Lane and Exchange Bad Man ! Int Frightened at all ! Plenty Bad Man ! In these two Zone’s ! Bajan to the bone ! ! ! ! ! ! 2016/ Knows the Bad Man ! here ! and Deborah is a Very Decent Lady ! The Coward that Violated her Privacy need’s to abstain from Such activity , if not I would Show my Presence , fully Clip !


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