Rosedale Nursing Home

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — ROSEDALE NURSING HOME — Naked, I use to work at Rosedale Nursing Home and the pay is supposed to be at month’s end.

Naked, today is the 7th of November and the staff did not receive any money yet.  They saying that no check ain’t come in as yet.  What does she expect people to do?

Naked, all she’s doing is changing workers like she changes panties.  They don’t even stay a week.  Anonymous

Naked Departure


5 thoughts on “Rosedale Nursing Home”

  1. she is usually alway coming with some story when the Staff to get pay bout but the daughter who suppose to be operations manager hair, nails does get do and nuff chefette to buy. all them does ddo is go to the supermarket to buy groceries to be een and carry tem home along with what the patient’s family bring


  2. WHAT! is happening With the Patients Money ! Surely the Patient’s going to Suffered the Most Out Of this Fraud !


  3. How u mean the cheque ain’t come yet, u do not work for the government, she should be paying u before the cheque come, look fah a job, my sister work there and had to leave for the same reason.


    1. She is one those cheep don’t carish employers that give a f bout nobody but them selves. just want the staff to come to work and work them hard is ass and don’t pay them and whenever they decide to the money would be short a pack of wicked f’rs. those things are not right.


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