Bajans caught at airport with drugs

Bajans Caught with Drugs at Airport

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Good night Naked, this girl and two other Bajans were held Saturday for bringing in 14 packages of drugs and people think she is an angel.   Melinda Bowen 40 years of #63 Regent Hill Pinelands, St Michael, Nikita Lucina Harewood 25 years of Block 10C Factory Avenue, Wildey, St Michael, and Corie O’Brien Williams 37 year of Upper Collymore Rock, St Michael.  They only have it in the loop nothing in the nation or Barbados today and I couldn’t find pictures of the other two Bajans.  Anonymous


Bowen and Harewood both pleaded guilty to the charges and were both fined $15 000 each for the offence of importation, which is to be paid in 12 months or they will face three years in prison.  Corie O’Brien Williams pleaded not guilty to the charges and was granted bail with one surety to reappear in court on the February 7th, 2017.  (Source: LoopBarbados)

Naked Departure


3 thoughts on “Bajans Caught with Drugs at Airport”

  1. @ Katie Ames

    I agree with you 100% the dirty Barbados immigration and police. Allowing drugs through the airport for drug dealers like alias Bounty, Jersey, Freddie Hill, Cook Food, Avery Hackett and others especially owners of the strip club businesses.


  2. They should worry about the Immigration and Police officers who do the same or worse. Why don’t they put them on Naked Departure…… only because it is hidden and swept under the carpet.


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